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sqrt of 1000

3 Answers

10*sqrt(10) = 10*sqrt(2)*sqrt(5)

30*30=900 40*40=1600 1000-900=100 1600-900=700 100/700=1/7. 1/5=0.2*10=2 1/8=0.125=1.25. Therefore, sqrt of 1000 is between 30+1.25 and 30+2.

32^2 = 1024, so a little below 32.

Nothing difficult: What other jobs have you been applying to, what are your career goals, they might try to probe into your level of efficiency and intensity at your current job.

1 Answer

What is square root of .81

2 Answers

Describe the relationship between bond price and interest rate

2 Answers

Describe your most important / significant extracurricular activity? Describe your greatest challenge, and how it has made you a better person?

2 Answers

What other companies did you apply for?

1 Answer

What is the most complicated case you have handle?

1 Answer

1st Interview - Tell me about yourelf. - What is GSV/CTPAT? 2nd with hiring manager & peer interview (separately) - General who are you questions. - What changes did GSV made in the past year? - Please tell me the main reason for this program that you were involve?

1 Answer

Second one) Walk me through your life (yes, life not CV.) Where did you apply for universities when you were in high school? Which firms did you apply other than Point 72? Tell me about one company you are interested in. What was your best achievement (not academic nor career-related)? How do you manage your schedule (I was working part-time)

1 Answer

New Phone, who this?

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