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sqrt of 1000

3 Answers

10*sqrt(10) = 10*sqrt(2)*sqrt(5)

30*30=900 40*40=1600 1000-900=100 1600-900=700 100/700=1/7. 1/5=0.2*10=2 1/8=0.125=1.25. Therefore, sqrt of 1000 is between 30+1.25 and 30+2.

32^2 = 1024, so a little below 32.

Q: Mostly behavioral questions regarding my experience. Extremely interested in the fund I co-founded with my friends.

2 Answers

How do you handle conflict in opinions?

2 Answers

Nothing difficult: What other jobs have you been applying to, what are your career goals, they might try to probe into your level of efficiency and intensity at your current job.

1 Answer

Describe the relationship between bond price and interest rate

2 Answers

What is square root of .81

2 Answers

Q:Typical video question: why blackrock? why trading? a case when you are innovative.

2 Answers

Describe your most important / significant extracurricular activity? Describe your greatest challenge, and how it has made you a better person?

2 Answers

New Phone, who this?

1 Answer

What other companies did you apply for?

1 Answer
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