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There are 3 coins. One coin has heads on both sides, one coin has tails on both sides, the third one has head on one side and tail on the other side. Now I pick up one coin and toss. I get head. What is the chance that the coin I picked has heads on both sides?

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i got this question too, but i am still not sure how it is calculated

why not 1/2?

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There are 25 horses. Each time you can race 5 horses together. Now you need to pick the top three horses among them. How many races do you need to conduct?

13 Answers

Toss a fair coin between two people. If it end with HHT, A wins the game. If it ends with HTT, B wins the game. Whats the probability of A wining the game.

9 Answers

You have answered five mental math questions, what’s your confidence that three answers are correct? How about four answers are correct?

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If you have four coins and I have four. We both throw the four and if your four sides equal to mine, I will give you 2 dollar and otherwise you give me 1. Will you do it?

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a asymmetrical dice with 12 faces, 40% to be 12, others are equivalent. two people, choose a number. The man whose number is closer to the result will win. which number should you choose.

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We play a game. Let’s guess the sum of two dices. Who make a guess that is closer to the outcome is the winner. What’s your strategy?

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You and I play a game, we roll two dice and both pick a number before rolling them. The one closer to the sum wins. The distribution is non-uniform, with 40 % chance of getting a sum of 12 and a uniform distribution for all the other numbers. What is your strategy? Go first or second?

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hh ht ht tt, one h, probability of the other is h?

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There are 1000 people in a hall. One person had his hand painted. Every minute everyone shake their hand with someone else. How much time is needed to paint all the hands? What is the best scenario? What is the worst scenario?

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