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Digital Marketing Manager was asked...31 May 2016

It was all about My era of expertise

3 Answers

I told about my experience and my profiency

It will be Usha,her behaviour like orange carrot.!!!!

No her name is Kajal absent minded lady


Tell me about a campaign you created/worked on that went wrong.

3 Answers

We appreciate the feedback and always strive to improve our processes! We encourage you to reach out to the recruiter that you worked with during the process to help us. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss further! Less

Thanks for your note, Kathryn - I didn't work with a recruiter but rather went through internal HR at InLinkUK, who I followed up with several times following the interviews, however, I never received a response. Less

This was in relation to a creative idea being received in the wrong way - I hadn't actually experienced this, specifically, so I drew upon other work experiences where things hadn't gone to plan. Less


how to (new things i havent tried )

3 Answers

gave similar examples of things i did before



J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Are you a french National?

2 Answers

Am English National

The Interviewer is a french national and was looking to hire only french people ! Less

Crossover for Work

if it costs 23$ dollars for 15% of X unit, and the profit made was 700 dollars, what percentage of products were sold by salesman A if the company started with 1000 and now only has 600. This is an example of the questions.

2 Answers

The answer is irrelevant as the question has no reason in identifying whether I know how to be a marketer. Less

40 % as sold 400 out of 1000 . The other info is not relevant, just trying to confuse you Less

Allied Health Media

If you are having trouble accessing the site, what would you try first before contacting IT?

2 Answers

You can also try a different browser, clear cookies/cache, check for browser/plugin/system updates or restart your computer as well. Less

Check the spelling of the site Check if http or https is required Check if www is needed or not Try site / index.htm or /index.html search google to see if other pages come up that would lead me to another page on the site, that could take me to the home page. Less

Why did you not want to stay at your previous company?

2 Answers

The company, that i worked for has lost a lot of developers and closed few offices, there were no ability to grow, no ability to work for interesting projects. To my mind i got great experience there, however I cannot get anything more. Less

I left because my internship ended (obviously...) Received a good performance eval, but want to experience working in a smaller structure, and in a a different field Less


Please describe your experience with digital media.

2 Answers

I graduated from Master's degree in media design. And I have working experience in a service planning and UI design. Less

I graduated from Master's degree in media design. And I have working experience in a service planning and UI design. Less

TF Cornerstone

Tell me about your experience in digital.

2 Answers

Nope, just double checked my inbox again and I’ve never received a response. If you run such a tight ship, then why bother interviewing candidates in the first place? Less

I responded back a long time ago. I have experience with residents and staff and vendors also I run a tight ship . Less

RANDYS Worldwide

Do you live in Washington?

2 Answers

No ,TX


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