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DevOps Architect was asked...13 May 2021

Recruiter scheduled a call where she briefed about what I can expect in the first round. As she mentioned my first 1:1 was 80% technical and about 20% behavioural questions. First round: Most of these questions are repeated in most of the Amazon interviews. Please go through at least 20 interview experiences posted in Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a Saviour for everyone here. Tell me about yourself? Why/what did you find interesting in the role you have applied for? - These questions are taken very seriously in Amazon. Please prepare very well. Watch Dan Croitor's tips on how to answer these questions on Youtube. Spend at least a day coming up with an effective answer to these questions. Don't give hypothetical answers. These answers should be personal to your profile. Pick keywords from your JD and use them when you answer these questions. Adapt the answer to fit to Amazon's Leadership principles. Technical questions: What are micro services? What are the advantages/disadvantages of using them? What is content delivery network? How is it beneficial? Differences between Authentication & Authorisation? RTO & RPO? When do you use VMs vs Dockers? Real time examples? Differences between SQL & NoSQL and when to pick one over the other? Differences between compiled languages and interpreted languages? Examples for these What is Envelope encryption? Learn symmetric & Asymmetric encryption mechanisms What is your most favourite AWS product? why? Be ready to give every possible answer to this question, they will dig deep. Sample CI system example (From Code commit to Deployment) What will you do if you get to know that you will receive 100 times more transaction for your DB in next 10 days? How will you solve without using any server-less product? What are the main factors to keep in mind when you are architecting a new product? (Answer can be Multi-tier, event-driven, Micro-services architecture)? If your application performance is bad, what will you do? How will you debug? How will you monitor your Network traffic performance? (May be VPC flow logs, transit gateway nw manager, Cloud watch logs..) What are stateful and stateless applications? Can you create a container as a stateful resource? What are the different types of scaling? Can you scale a SQL DB horizontally? Behavioural questions in First round: These should be answered in STAR method. Watch Dan Croitor's tips for AWS interviews on Youtube, There are extremely helpful. What did you learn outside your work, which you used to improve your work life? What was the situation when you took a task outside the scope of your work and delivered results? Loop interview of 5 rounds was scheduled in 2 weeks after my result of first interview. I had 3 rounds on one day & 2 rounds on the next day. Most likely, it will be all on the same day, if your/interviewers' schedule work. My recruiter spoke to me several days before my Loop interview, and briefed about how these interviews happen and how you will be rated, this information was helpful. If you are being hired for technical role, then you can skip few Leadership principles which will not be asked about in your Loop interviews. For instance, Hire & develop the best or Frugality, these are tested only if you are being hired for managerial positions. So, be thoughtful of what Leadership principles are needed for your profile and prepare for them. I prepared at least 30 different situations which was mapped into one or more Leadership principles. Watch Dan's most asked 35 questions in Amazon interview in his Youtube channel and the entire 150 questions set. It will help you prepare for all kinds of questions possible. Find others who are giving Loop interviews and do at least 3-4 role plays with them. If not, practise answering these leadership questions out LOUD in front of a mirror. We underestimate this factor. Only when you speak the answers out loud, you will find your faults. Do not repeat your stories with different interviewers, since they compare their notes after your interview, before making their decision, which was also mentioned by my recruiter.

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First Loop Interview: This round was purely techincal (This can be the case sometimes. Some other times, all 5 rounds in Loop for level 5 in Amazon will be behavioural only. Ask for this information from your recruiter) How does HTTPS work? Brief on SSL/TLS encryption mechanism? What happens in the background when you search for Explain Garbage collection? What is Inode in Linux? Explain Data deduplication? How is this useful? Where is it used? What is RAID? different levels of RAID? Differences between File Storage, Block storage, Bulk/Object Storage? This can be also asked as DAS, SAN? Questions on Deep networking concepts such as Packets, Packet switching, Routers vs Switches, IP/TCP protocols Differences on IP, TCP, UDP protocols. Differences between error detection, best performance in these protocols. Are you aware of MPLS? Difference between Latency & Bandwidth? Security vs Compliance? Difference between Availability & Durability as applied to S3 buckets and in general? HDD and SDD storage mechanism? What is LAMP stack? How do you design API? How to make them more usable? What is web crawling, web scraping? Why are they used? Differences between Data modelling vs Data Lake? How are they related? What is Blue-green deployment? Why is it used? Which AWS product supports this? What is IaaS, SaaS, PaaS? Examples in AWS for these ACID vs BASE with respect to DBs? Which one is suited in what scenario? What are different services in AWS used for 1. Security solutions 2. Logging systems 3. Cost & related topics 4. Migration services 4. DDos Attack prevention When will you use ECS vs EKS? What is Fargate, Aurora, Lambda and their use cases. How will you enhance network performance and Dynamo DB performance? All of these questions will have follow up based on what you answer. Second round: Complete Behavioural questions: This was the same person who took my first screening interview, before my Loop interview, he was very friendly. He asked only 2 LP questions which took about 45 minutes. Explained a bit about the project for which they were hiring me and gave me about 10 minutes to ask any questions I had. Third round: Complete behavioural questions: This round was with hiring manager, with a reverse Shadow present with him to help the manager with follow up questions. Here I was asked 4 LP questions, I had no time to ask my questions at the end. Fourth round: Complete behavioural questions: Here I was asked 3 LP questions. We had a good 10 minute chat at the end of the interview with the questions I had. Round 5: Behavioural questions only (I think this was the bar raiser interview) He asked 3 LP questions with a lot of follow up questions. These are the behavioural questions asked to me in Round 2 to Round 5 of LOOP interviews: Why Amazon? Why this role? - 2 people asked the same. Please prepare well for these questions. What was the most Challenging problem you solved and what did you learn from it? How you did Influence people without enough data? Tell me a time when you Disagreed with manager? Time when Were not able to deliver commitment to customer and how did you deal with it? Tell me a time you delivered in tight timeline. When you had adjust quickly to a change in strategy When you delivered outstanding results Tell about a Calculated risk and how it succeeded When you didn’t compromise your standards About a Challenging Customer and how did you deal with it? How you realised that a customer needed a solution, without customers asking for the same and they weren’t even aware that they actually needed it About a time when there’s a Conflict within your team? Time when you had to Challenge a decision customer already made? They got back to me in 4 days with a positive feedback :) Less


Quelles sont vos prétentions salariales ?

1 Answers

J'ai répondu que je n'en avais pas spécialement, autour de mon ancien salaire me conviendrais, que j'étais plus animé par la passion dans mon activité quotidienne que par le salaire. Et On m'a fait une proposition avec 25% d'augmentation. Less


what is your availability for 3rd round of interview

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On friday as I am on personal leave and that is further updates from HR


Experience of Cloud set up

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in my past experience, i had implemented 15 application end to end to azure and aws and also migrate almost 100 dev and sit application to move to the cloud Less

GS Lab

aws, kubernetes, ci/cd, config mgmt

1 Answers

all answered


everything relating to IT but interviewer will reject you because you haven't worked on puppet, but chef. you havent got cyclic depndency issue than cloud formation drift bugs.

1 Answers

90% answered questions

Amazon Web Services

Difference between AWL & SED for a Sr DevOps Architect interview, seriously ??

1 Answers

I knew about SED but never used AWK


Q: How to resolve stale NFS mount

1 Answers

A: Tried couple troubleshooting technics .. then went nuclear - yank the cable. You can google the proper answer. Less


Not rembered exactly but they ave asked from same domain what I had worked.

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Written Interview

Impetus Technologies

your daily activities in your current Org project architecture role and responsibilities

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give them all details about my current solution architect and functionally (AWS) after that answer all question suite by interviewer related that architect. mostly are related to VPC,Network, EC2, SQS,S3,Security etc. Less

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