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American Airlines
Commodity Manager was asked...20 October 2011

You have a sole sourcing supplier that does repairs for you, how would you negotiate the contract.

2 Answers

I would include Air miles as apart of the contract if the company allows.

Make sure that the supplier offer more service than expected with greater warranty periods and better customer support. Less

American Airlines

How would you source office chairs.

2 Answers

I would have them arranged according to the size of the employees.

Do a total cost of ownership analysis to see if the new chairs will last long enough to warrant purchasing. Choose supplier that are willing to offer longer warranty. Less

BAE Systems USA

Explain in detail how I would work with a supplier to work a component failure that caused financial issues.

1 Answers

1) make sure the component failure was due to the component supplier with the help of engineering and the reliability team, 2) examine the contract language to see where liability is addressed and 3) work out an agreement to settle with the supplier. Less

Cisco Systems

why are man hole covers round

3 Answers

man hole covers are extremely heavy so by making it round they can easily roll it to the curb Less

I posted the question .. it must have been a year ago. Two responses and 2 correct answers. that's great! but I was asked for 3 answers... I should post the other questions too... Come on guys you can get it! Less

so they wont fall in the hole


Nothing too difficult. One question was something to the effect of "what factors would you look at when making a trading decision."

2 Answers

Great interview, lots of behavioral and fit. Asked

Hi. Are the chances of failing the personality test high? Reason being I answered it quickly in the middle of a hectic week, thus was not proud of some of the answers e.g. in Qs asking about science vs art, and whether I like attention (in one case, I answered I do, but the question came up again like 5 times, so I worry if they'll think I like attention too much, yet I just wanted to be consistent with my 1st answer.) What was your experience? Do they call one for interview either way, just to assess someone on more than just the test? Less

Intel Corporation

Communications and leadership go hand in hand. Give me an example of a time when your communication skills were powerful enough to enable you to influence the way others thought or acted, even in a very difficult situation.

1 Answers

You should have concise answers already developed before waling into behavior interviews. You should have a response (results and actions taken) for communication, influence, critical thinking skills, working with difficult people, decision making process (types of data points used to make the decision), commitment to task, perceiving, stakeholder management, executing strategy, project management, timeliness, teambuilding, leadership...etc. Less

Park Avenue Asset Management

Simple sales interview.

2 Answers

Do yourself a favor and pass on by...

For anyone who knows how this industry works- the Series 3 license does not need to be sponsored - a person can get it themselves without being sponsored by a firm. This applicant clearly lied about that statement. In any event- all positions are commission only positions - they always have been and that will never change. The only agreement we make with a broker we extend an invite to join our team is that we will register them and provide support in their efforts to build a client book of business etc. We provide all approved material and information for product etc.. We supervise all aspects off their efforts to bring in new clients to ensure that its being done properly and compliant with the regulations for which we are held to as a registered firm. Less

ED&F Man

The majority of the questions they asked me were focused around the commodity I would be trading - Sugar. They were a wide range, from what sugar products they sold to where sugar is most produced and consumed globally.

2 Answers

A lot of the answers were available through simple google searches done prior. I'd say the questions were fairly general, so if you learnt the basic mechanisms in the Sugar market you should do ok. Less

Have you heard back from ED&F on the grad programme?


Tell me about a time when you compromised your ethics or values to fit in with a group.

2 Answers

I don't compromise my ethics. I don't feel that is needed in an environment that is set up to foster creativity and is willing to move forward to achieve a common goal. If it becomes apparent that a compromise in ethics is needed then it is not a cohesive group that will succeed in the long run. Less

How do you even answer that.

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