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Cisco Systems
Associate Network Consulting Engineer was asked...21 April 2011

Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

4 Answers

That's really as difficult as it gets?

UDP packet processing is faster compared to TCP packet processing. This is because once TCP packets are delivered to the destination, an acknowledgement is expected at the transmission end. If no acknowledgement is received, re-transmission of packets occurs at the transmission end. This is opposite to UDP operation, in which no acknowledgement is necessary. Less

TCP is a reliable protocol that utilizes windowing and acknowledgement packets to ensure all traffic is transmitted and received UDP is an unreliable protocol that does not utilize windowing and acknowledgements, and is good to use when you can't re-transmit a packet (EG a voice or video packet) Less

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Online assessment was timed. Some of the problems in mathematics section were challenging.

2 Answers

Brush up on unit conversions, calculating percentages, rule of threes.

Was there any logical reasoning on the test?

Impact Networking

What is DHCP and why is it preferred over static?

1 Answers

A protocol that automatically or dynamically assigns IP addresses to devices while static addresses are all done manually and takes more time. Less

Capgemini Engineering

Firstly they asked basic questions like diff b/w LAN, WAN, MAN? & then the level of questions gets very tough, can't even memorize these questions.

1 Answers

The basic questions I answered easily but the tough ones are above my head.

Capgemini Engineering

Though they asked many technical questions on Networking. However, it is always the attitude which matters as a fresher. The most obvious question they would shoot at you is why do they have to hire you.

1 Answers

Well, there is no Right or Wrong answer to this question. You have to make the interviewer feel that how important this job is for you, even though you are a fresher you have less technical experience. Attitude is the main key to crack it. If you can show them you are a fast learner and ready to learn new technologies. It would be more likely that you would make it. Less

Capgemini Engineering

diff b/w network support layer and user support layer. define ARCnet and token RING. what redundancy method used for checking errors in (TCP/IP) higher layer protocol... ? ...unfortunately i know the answer of these last two question.. these are very unexpected questions.and there are many more..

1 Answers

ARCNET and TOKEN RING are technologies that used in the past for built LAN connetion.nowdays we are using ETHERNET an WI FI. and the answer of last question is checksum method. Less


Why are you leaving your current position.

1 Answers

I was comfortable with my current position and comfort and success do not mix.


The phone interview went ok for the most part.. Typical interview questions. The only question that caught me off guard was "In your spare time, how do you stay current with today's changing technologies?"

1 Answers

LOL, I explained that in my current position selling IT equipment for a asset management company, I'm constantly researching equipment that comes in so that I can test and resell it with some knowledge. And in my spare time I play golf and that I'm also a semi-pro musician in a very busy wedding/cover band. (I tried to put it out there that I'm ok in front of people!) Less


Several questions about presentation experience in my former role.

1 Answers

I had no presentation experience in a professional environment. I answered honestly and did not try to exaggerate any of my answers. I gave simple examples when I could, otherwise I just explained that my previous role did not require me to give presentations. Less

Cisco Systems

How does Google make money?

1 Answers

Advertising and financial operations (youtube etc.)

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