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Your experiences was not related to this job, why you want to change

4 Answers

Explain the reason why and explained that I am working to (studying) be succeed in this field. And how previous experience could hekp

Any technical questions? Which department were you applying ?

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Why do you want to work in this industry?

2 Answers

What quality should a newbie at work have?

1 Answer

Case interview was on a topic that I had no background on.

1 Answer

What will you do in a situation where your whole team resigns and all their work will be given to you?

1 Answer

Why did I leave the previous company?

1 Answer

Tell me one experience of you that you performed above and beyond expectation.

1 Answer

What is your image of the brand

1 Answer

How smart do you think you are?

1 Answer

apart from the weakness you mentioned, what other weaknesses do you have?

1 Answer
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