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6 Tips for Smaller UK Companies

How to Attract World-Class Tech Talent

Competition for tech talent has never been more fierce. Even businesses outside the technology sector are looking for employees with IT, data science, and engineering skills.

But as a smaller firm, how can you compete with the world’s biggest names to attract top tech talent? Here are Glassdoor’s top six tips on how to attract world-class tech talent.

1. Claim your Free Employer Account on Glassdoor

We are one of the fastest growing job sites in the UK1 and technology is the second most popular industry with our UK candidates.2 If they can’t find you, they’ll move on to employers with an active presence on Glassdoor.

2. Share your company’s story

Employers that want to attract in-demand talent need to paint a larger picture of what it’s truly like to work for their organisation, and this is particularly important for smaller businesses. If you’re a small company, there’s a good chance your ideal candidates have never even heard of you, let alone know what it’s like to work for you. On Glassdoor, you can easily add photos and videos, share company news, customise your ‘Why Work for Us’ section, and much more.

Don’t miss the chance to expose your company and open roles to 3.7M+ unique UK candidates each month.3

3. See who is checking you out

Finding quality candidates is the number one challenge for two-thirds of hiring managers.4 That’s why Glassdoor has developed a suite of data analysis tools that makes it easier for you to identify and attract tech talent. You can examine the demographic breakdown of candidates visiting your profile, identify their locations, monitor which of your open roles generate most interest and more.

4. Learn who you’re competing with for tech candidates

If you’re a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile user, you can see how you stack up against your competitors for employee satisfaction across a range of criteria. You can also discover the top five companies that candidates viewed before or after visiting your profile — these are usually the ones you’re competing against for top talent.

5. Easily target tech candidates

Research tells us that those job seekers who’ve been exposed to an employer’s brand 10 times or more are five times more likely to apply for a job with them.5 Glassdoor Display Ads allow you to target tech candidates who may not be actively searching for your company and may never have considered working there. You can select the target audiences based on occupation, location, gender and more.

6. Access experienced, informed professionals

Glassdoor empowers job seekers with useful information at every stage of their search: from finding open roles to researching companies, preparing for interviews and negotiating salaries. Armed with that information, they can make an informed decision if they’re a good fit for your company. As a result, you’ll need to sift through fewer unqualified applications to find the right person. Moreover, research shows that recruits who use Glassdoor have a 30% higher retention rate.6 That’s a great win for your bottom line, and for your company culture too.


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