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4 Tips for Hiring for Culture Fit

Here’s a scary fact: Up to 25 percent of new hires leave their jobs within six months. Why? Many say it’s because they didn’t fit in with the company culture — and that’s one very good reason to hire for culture fit. After all, turnover is pretty darn expensive for your business.

But how do you hire for your company’s unique culture? Here are four tips to help you from our new eBook, Hiring for Culture Fit.  Read below for a preview,  and make sure to download for more info!

1. Get Clear on What Your Culture Is

It will be nearly impossible to identify candidates who will be a culture fit if you don’t have a clear definition of that culture. So, review your mission statement and drill down to what really matters to your company — beyond earning a profit, of course. Do you want to make a big difference, value a more relaxed work environment, or be innovative in your industry?

You can also assemble a committee of current to help you figure out what your culture is — or use Glassdoor reviews from past employees to see what they thought. However you do it, just make sure you get a list of values that sums up what is important to your company.

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2. Make Your Values Known

Don’t let your company culture be a mystery. From your job ad to the interview, make sure you share those values with anyone who might be interested. (You can even add this info to your Glassdoor profile, as well as upload photos that visually show this culture in action.)

If you share your company culture at every opportunity, then you will be much more likely to get the attention of job candidates who are attracted — and would fit well within — it.

3. Ask the Right Questions

In an interview, be sure to ask questions that relate to your company culture and require answers that will illuminate whether the candidate can uphold that culture. For example, if your company values creativity, you might ask the candidate to describe a time they had to come up with a unique or innovative solution to a problem. If your company values giving back, it might be wise to ask how involved the candidate is with his or her own community.

Another opportunity to ask questions is following a company tour — during which you will have shown off your company culture at work. After the tour, you can ask the candidate if he or she could picture working at the company, and dive deeper into why or why not.

4. Dive Deeper With Personality Tests

You can also consider using a personality test to reveal if a candidate will be a culture fit.

Here’s how to do it: Test your own highest-performing and most loyal candidates, and see if you can spot any patterns in their answers and results. For example, do they all score high on measures of empathy? If so, that could be a sign to favour particularly empathetic candidates. Different departments might answer questions differently, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Then, administer the tests to candidates, looking for those whose answers closely resemble those of your own successful workers, in the right departments and similar jobs, of course.