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Workforce Analyst was asked...19 August 2016

If a snail was trying to climb out of a well, the well in ten feet high and the snail can only climb three feet per day. However at the end of every day he slides back down two feet. How many days does it take to get out.

2 Answers

8 days as once he reaches 10 feet on the 8th day he'd be out so no sliding back.

At first 10, then realized he would be able to crawl out on the tenth

Clinica Family Health

Give me an example of a work crisis you were in and how you handled it.

2 Answers

I worked in a very busy clinic where I was required to see patients every 15 minutes and sometimes they were double booked. It was extremely hectic and I felt like the patients were not receiving the best car. They were mostly all Medicaid patients. This caused me a lot of anxiety because I had not ever worked like this or felt like this my whole career. To me this is a crisis because I chose to leave the job without having another job in place. Less

I was not practicing with integrity. My belief system is that this high risk population needs more time, not less time. I was working in a Suboxone clinic. And I love my work in addictions. It is a passion. Less

Qatar Petroleum

Tell me about your career! Did you do all this by yourself? Yes! Ok, we will come back to you with feedback but we don’t know when 🤦🏽‍♂️

2 Answers


Lulu hypermarket


Just basic stuff like tell me about your background and work experience. I had more questions for her actually, but she couldn't answer them. Didnt even know who their top competitor was.

2 Answers

Told her about my background.

Perhaps she is interviewing for her H1 or Labor Certificate requirement. Using people to obtain labor type of Visa. Less

Pacific Gateway

How do you assess LMI

1 Answers

Newspaper, CNN, Business Journals, and staying up-to-date with what's going on in the market locally, regionally, and on a state and national level. Less


Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a boss?

1 Answers

I informed my boss about my concerns and we talked through it.

Wounded Warrior Project

You live over 50 miles from the office, what is your relocation plan, how much time would you need?

1 Answers

My husband lives in Daytona, I want to be settled in a job before I move.

Texas Workforce Commission

Tell us how you handle upset customers.

1 Answers

Listen, repeat what customer says, say I understand their feelings and then be honest with them if you can help their situation. Less

Road America Motor Club

How long have you been in the customer service field.

1 Answers

30 + years

Poste Italiane

Cosa ti piace di Poste Italiane?

1 Answers

La possibilità di vedere un contesto complesso, innovativo e in evoluzione continua Less

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