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Virgin America
Custkmer Service Team Member Lga was asked...28 February 2017

Tell me about yourself Why do you want to work at virgin America How well you work under pressure How did you over and beyond for a customer Why should we hire you I can't remember the 6 question

72 Answers

idk I'm a guy so I wouldn't know

did the quality come out okay? I tried to do it on my iPhone but the quality wasn't so good so I used a laptop instead but it still wasn't good Less

oh nvm it pbly wasn't you lol

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Trader Joe's
Team Member was asked...1 September 2011

What do you think of garden nomes.

46 Answers

Gnomes are determined, they fish in all weather, they are hardworkers as denoted by the wheel barrows they push, but are vertically challenged for most jobs. Less

Geez don, why the pent up anger? I love this question, particularly if it was the first question or if the interviewee appeared to be so uptight, the interviewer wasn't going to get a view of the real personality of the interviewee. My opinion, potential response is to laugh and answer somewhat similar. "It depends are they wearing a red or a green jacket?" Less

I prefer gargoyles and dragons instead. Gnomes are too happy.

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The Zappos Family

If you could throw a parade of any caliber through the Zappos office what type of parade would it be?

26 Answers

By the looks of this place, someone already had a clown parade and they all stayed. Less

I'd throw a parade where the front line would be made up of clowns dressed up as dinosaurs riding unicycles while juggling live sharks which are also dressed as dinosaurs, preferably T-rex's. The second line would make up about 20 hot pink lamborghinis with monkeys driving them while celebrities are on the roof tops singing hit singles all while trying to be louder than the next celebrity. Third line will be all the Victoria's Secret models shooting puppies and sloths out of T-shirt cannons at fellow employees. Then, the CEO will come out on a giant, bus-sized Michael Jordan signature sneaker wearing pimped out limited edition gold/diamond plated Zappos gear while Skrillex and Deadmau5 are behind him with their turn tables blasting new music. Last line is gonna be about 50 ice cream trucks, but since everything else cost so much, only vanilla will be available. Less

This is not an unusual question if you are at all familiar with the culture. I have personally witnessed a parade through their offices. Less

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Why do you feel you are best fit for this job

18 Answers

Because am a good team worker and passionate to work in customer care field.

I feel I am the best for this job because I love cooking with team and with out team and I enjoy cooking soo much Less

I feel that I'm a good fit because I get along with everyone and I work hard and I'm a fast learner and willing to take on anything and everything you guys throw my way and I take on more task and help my team member if they need help I'm a team player and I am a people pleaser Less

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Virgin America

Why do you want to work for Virgin America?

12 Answers

I have my interview sept 29th! If I get offered it then I will be freaking out too 😳 have you got offered the position? Maybe we can go in on a place/ cheap hotel? Less

Hi! Did you get it? If so, when do you begin training? I'm a female looking for someone to go in on a cheap hotel or apartment for the 5 weeks. Less

I haven't heard back yet. I interviewed face to face 3 days ago. Fingers crossed

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Whole Foods Market

Where I will see myself in a few years?

10 Answers

Hopefully advancing and moving up the company chains.

In store

As soon as possible

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Virgin America

Video: Why Virgin? Why flight attendant? Why you? Relevant customer service experience. Phone: Tattoos & piercings? Willing to relocate? Valid passport & legal work eligibility? Inform you of interview dates/times/location and 5-week training commitment. Can you afford your own transport to the interview and housing if selected for training in Burlingame? In-Person: Tell me about yourself. How has work experience prepared you for this job? What do you know about Virgin? Why flight attendant? Why You? How did you prepare for this interview? Difficult customer/coworker scenario, how did you handle? What would you change about your current job? Tattoos? Are you comfortable with appearance (makeup) requirements?

8 Answers

....via email!

Thank you...great info! Best to you...

Can you elaborate about your own transportation to the training and interview... Also mainly the housing. Is that for just one location for training? Less

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"A woman is buying shoes for her two year old daughter and is asking for help, after searching the shoe department you find the shoe size she needs isn't in stock, what would you do?"

7 Answers

"I said I would have someone check the backroom,"

I'd first help them look, then call other stores. If no other nearby stores had them in stock, I'd offer to have them shipped in and call her when they arrived. Less

Check the other shoe store

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Are your parents okay with you working here?

6 Answers

(Since I'm 17)

Totally they really want me to learn at a young age how to work for something

Yes I'm 26 year old

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Can you work on weekends?

6 Answers


Yes I can work weekends.

Yes I can work weekends

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