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In an interview for a service coordinator position, you may be asked questions that explore how you handle people – both customers and colleagues. You may be asked questions about how you manage your workload. As these positions are often heavily customer-focused, it is likely that your people skills will be a popular topic during your interview.

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Top Service Coordinator Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are the three top service coordinator interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How would you handle a difficult customer?

How to answer: This common question has special significance for many service coordinators. This question is designed to measure your behavioural habits. Since customers can be upset or difficult for a variety of reasons, think about a simple process you can help any customer with. Your process might include steps such as listening to the customer, being sympathetic to them and taking responsibility to resolve the issue.

Question No. 2: How do you manage an overwhelming list of client requests?

How to answer: The purpose of this question is to measure how well you can decide which tasks need to be completed first. Emphasise your ability to recognise which tasks take priority over others as well as your ability to work according to deadlines.

Question No. 3: How do you manage issues between colleagues?

How to answer: As a service coordinator, you may have to resolve conflicts between colleagues in your company. Be prepared to answer questions about conflicts between you and others, as well as about conflicts that you are not a part of but have been called on to resolve. Focus on developing communication between all parties involved.

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Service Coordination
Service Coordinator was asked...28 June 2016

First question: if your client calls you prior to the meeting and tells you that he would like to go have drinks with his friends after the meeting but the mom disagrees, how would you handle it.

6 Answers

I think the correct answer Is: i advocate for my client so whatever my client wants is what matters. However, if my Client is a minor or has behavioural challenges, I will calmly explain why Mom may be concerned and why they should listen to Mom as Mom wants the best for them., Less

You would have failed the question. It had nothing to do with self determination or reminding them of a meeting. It had to do with individual rights and freedom to make choices. I was trying to make an informed answer asking if the client was a minor, had substance abuse hx and if there was any contradictions with a clients meds....too many variables to consider. Less

If you read the question, it said "after the meeting"

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Has there been a time where you had to tell someone something they wouldn't want to hear?

3 Answers

Any timevyou work with the public, there will always be a time at some point when you need to tell a client something they don't want to hear. Whether it be a rule or regulation, you just need to be firm at the same time being somewhat sympathetic Less

I told them about my experience as the finance role in an organization from my university. I was constantly having to speak with members about their overdue payments and/or probation status, which was always a tough conversation. Less

When you work in customer service, there's always a time when you have to tell a client something they don't want to hear. It's the unpleasant part of the job, but at times needs to be done Less

Sky Climber Renewables

Verified via video WebEx that I had no facial tatoo's

3 Answers

Verified via Video WebEx that I had no facial tatoos

So you can’t have face tattoos?

At the time of my interview several years back, a facial tattoo during the interview was a deal breaker. A interview work around might be: poor lighting, a bit of make-up, facial hair and a low quality web camera! :) Less

MedStar Health

We're a busy place, how do you deal with overwhelming situations and how do you deal with customers with difficulty behaviors?

3 Answers

Good answer

As long as you remain humble they will get humble and if I get overwhelmed I usually try to take a deep breath release and go back at it Less

Sometimes you have to let the patient vent, apologize then offer to see how YOU can help them!! Just be sure you keep yourself calm and they will calm down with you. The overwhelming situation will become calm. It's hard but in the long run you may not feel so overwhelmed. Less

Banfield Pet Hospital

Why do you want to work at Banfield?

3 Answers

Because I want to gain experience in a veterinary practice and feel Banfield would be a great place to learn. Also, because it's a national company, if I ever decided to relocate theres the prospect of moving my job to the new location also. Less

Do u mind sharing the hourly rate they offered to start? I'm trying to get an idea of the area Less

I see it as an opportunity to gain experience in the Veterinary Field and I believe that with my background and education, I would be a great fit. Less

TJX Canada

Underwear not reaturnable, but customer hasn't been told at the purchase, what would you do ?

2 Answers

Return the item

I would say "I apologize but for hygienic reasons we cannot not return underwear." Plus I feel like the customer could easily be lying about what they were told at purchase... Less

Regional Center of Orange County

What do we do here?

2 Answers

Read the website

How long did you wait until they let you know if you got the position or not

Baltimore County Public Schools

What can you bring to the culture of the school?

2 Answers

Support, understanding, compassion, creativity

Knowledge, dedication, support, consistency


Do you think it's more important to be respected or well liked?

2 Answers

Is there a difference?


UAT (University of Advancing Technology)

You recently moved to AZ, so are you going to be comfortable here with the heat?

2 Answers

Did you accept the position?

Not relevant to the job but yes ill be fine.

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