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Johnson & Johnson
Senior Sales Representative was asked...19 October 2010

What is something your company did that you disagreed with?

3 Answers

Perhaps it was to have a boss who could not differentiate the treatment of the house with the obligations of the one in the office. You have to differentiate, because you can not come with a problem at home and have a sour face and treat it badly, or do not treat people in the office. Less

This, as I see it, is a private interview, in which you intervene indirectly asking me, which is what I did not like in such a situation. Less

When they say there will be no special treatment for former employees with outstanding performance. Less


Why Allergen Ranking of priorities (probing, features/benefits, objection handling, closing and relationship building. I had 20 minutes to plan my day in the field, I was given a list of scheduled and unscheduled events. The manager did not look at my brag book.

1 Answers

Manager said there were no wrong or right answers to the scenarios given.

Nu Look Home Design

What do you do outside of your job?

1 Answers

I like to spend time with friends, family, read and work on personal development. Less

Eyemart Express

What sales process do you use?

1 Answers

I was taught to use life styles.


Basic questions on metric scores

1 Answers

Exactly how they expected it to be answered .

Full Measure

There were a lot of questions regarding my previous sales experiences.

1 Answers

I explained how I continuously hit my quota and the various strategies I used.

Global Partners

Are you a team player?

1 Answers

Yes, as I have always been in a team environment.


Being that I have 20 resumes that look the same as your, what will you do differently to separate you from the rest of the group?

1 Answers

Creative, out of office, knowing office staff and finding out about docs habits, what made them change products, how can I make your life easier, major issues in you job and what takes up most of your time? Do I have something or a resource that can help them? That'll get you some face time if you help the staff out too... Less


are you willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes to close business

1 Answers

No ethical grounding at this company-stay away!

Apria Healthcare

give me an example of a time where you were challenged by a co-worker and how was it resolved

1 Answers

competition among sales reps was often challenging, when it came down to perfomance I let the numbers speak for themselves Less

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