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Senior Editor was asked...8 June 2019

Do you want to freelance? You might get the job!

2 Answers

No, I have other interviews in progress.

Yes. I would love to freelance


If one is coming from same vertical give special attention when you're asked as to why do you want to leave your current employer if any.

2 Answers

Depending on your work experience frame answers honestly but professionally. Overall answer must be progressive rather than an unsubstantiated rant. Less

I was attend interview as qc engineer,also i was finished four round test.,how many days are take the process for result Less

Rutgers University

What is your vision?

2 Answers

First-rate writing and editing.

Creative listening

I had to do a writing test. I had to write an article. I had an hour to do it (did it midnight my time due to the time difference) and was told that I would be given their style guide as my article had to conform to their style.

1 Answers

I wasn't sent their style guide before or during the test. I wrote it without the style guide. And their reason for rejecting me was because my article did not conform to their style! Less

What would you bring to this position that other candidates likely wouldn't?

1 Answers

I have more than 10 years experience working in the financial services industry in various capacities, including tech services and product-development positions, along with extensive experience working with credit unions. I'm an advocate of the credit union philosophy of people helping people and I bring that to my work. I also have more than 10 years experience as a communications manager, editor and writer. I've managed departments, staff, and budgets in line and matrix-management environments. I enjoy helping writers find their voices and improve their writing processes, and I consistently keep multiple publications and communications campaigns on track and on message. Less

The Times of India

They don't ask you much, you just have to do a written test.

1 Answers

I was given a paper to write on a topic, on that basis, I was judged.


Do you have experience working under pressure?

1 Answers

Yes, of course, I have 10 years of experience and I had many situations/ Projects in which I had to work under pressure Less


If you get a 1 hr video and you need to edit it immediately, Say with 30 mins. How will you handle it?

1 Answers

I cannot edit a video of 1 hr in 30 mins. If I am asked to do so by anyways, I will do a rough cut using fast forward. And give the ownership of the job to the person who has forced me to do so. As I am sure there will be errors. Less

California Association of Realtors

To tell them about my experience as an editor

1 Answers

I detailed my years working at a Business magazine

Springer Nature

Do you have a PhD?

1 Answers


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