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Remote Field Technician was asked...28 July 2022

Technical questions relating to optics.

How to deal with customer's confidential information.

ExtraHop Networks

Difference between DNS and DHCP, how would you troubleshoot this scenario where a customer cannot connect to the internet

Milestone Technologies

What interested you in this position? IT related questions like: What is DNS/DHCP? Are you familiar with Slack? Do you have experience with SQL? How do you boot into Safe mode?

Adams Radio Group

Why I wanted to work for their company?

1 Answers

At that time my interests were in radio and said I would like to know more to see if this is where I want to take my career. Less


Just be careful, they will lie to you


Tell me about yourself and your previous job experience.


How does your CURRENT position relate to the duties outlined in the job posting?

1 Answers

I answered incorrectly. I was surprised by the question since my previous answerers made it extremely obvious that the current question was (in my mind) completely irrelevant, and made me wonder if they ignored my last answer. Answer the questions directly and accurately, even though your previous answers fully negated the current question. (Do not point out the fact that you already did this same job at this same company for 15 years and got many, many, praises, awards, and promotions. Do not point out that since leaving the company, you enhanced your skills with level 5 certification, and their job is a level 1 job which you were fully qualified for the first time you got hired 5 certs and 15 years of experience ago, lol..... simply answer the question about how your CURRENT position relates to the duties outlined on the job The point is they ask, you answer, Don't get confused why they ask such a STUPID question, they already have the questions chosen before you even talk to them, and they do not adjust subsequent questions based on previous answers. Confused the heck out of me, but you cant be hired based on qualifications. You have to be able to also pass minimum interview expectations and ability to professionally conversate with a talent acquisition specialist. I'm sure that is somehow important, I am glad to have worked here for 15 years, wish I could have put in another 15, but I am also happy that I found out that Alorica is by far the least generous with salary. Im kind of glad theyu didnt hire me back yet :) Less

Sentry Equipment

Tell me a time when you had to make a sacrifice to make a customer happy.


What is your experience with computers?

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