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A quality assurance analyst, commonly titled a QA analyst, specialises in monitoring the software used by companies to keep things running smoothly. QA analysts are in demand across a variety of industries and have a variety of technologies to work with.

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Top QA Analyst Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top QA analyst interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How would you communicate with the software development team to resolve any bugs discovered during software testing?

How to answer: This question can be answered using a real-life experience or by defining your abilities for communicating successfully with colleagues. Demonstrating your abilities in teamwork, troubleshooting and attention to detail should be your goal when responding to this question.

Question No. 2: What are some of the biggest challenges a QA analyst may face during the software testing process?

How to answer: During the testing process, deadlines will be looming, so it is important to be both flexible and organised. Time management, task delegation and effective communication are important skills to discuss in your response. Describe how you overcome these challenges while also communicating that you acknowledge there will be challenges.

Question No. 3: Can you tell us more about your knowledge and experience of using technical tools and applying technical skills?

How to answer: Respond by listing your years of experience and providing personal work examples of using some or all of the following technical tools or skills for quality assurance: software testing, project management, Python, Java, SQL, Selenium, etc.

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QA Engineer was asked...29 March 2023

Realizei duas entrevistas, uma com a tech recruiter, foram perguntas mais relaciona a mim como pessoa e profissional, perguntas tranquilas. Logo após foi entrevista técnica, onde foi abordado alguns conceitos da área.

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How dou you handle stress?

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Depending on the situation, I try to find out if the persons calling me really need immediate help. Generally, prioritizing my task. Less


Why do you want to work here?


"Use a testing suite to test text fields on one of their existing websites to ensure the appropriate response" Just use any language you're comfortable with this! Be prepared to share some personal projects


What is the QA testing life cycle?

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Describe how you have brought innovation for a past role

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Questions on how I would fit the company and company values


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