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Coordinator Project Manager was asked...15 August 2016

How much experience do you have?

2 Answers

I have worked for more than 8 years managing projects in different areas with different projects, scheduling civil construction and installation of towers Less

I have worked for more than 8 years managing projects in different areas with different projects scheduling construction and installation of towers Less

Swift Technical Services

The question posed to the Swift organizations was "Will you purchase and maintain FRCs for those employees who require them?"

1 Answers

Swift's response, "What are FRC's?"

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

What made me interested in become a project manager?

2 Answers

I was working on contract as project coordinator hired to support 3 Sr. Executive Vice President on Core Engineering and their Project Management, IT, Scrum and Development Teams. I was ask to take on task the our client administrative asst. said she could do become of the big data needed to collect from both of our Us and offshore teams to get contact list corrected for upcoming migrations. I was able to find way to get done before deadline date and he said that I would be great project manager. Took off from there to where I am now. Less

Ross Recruiter Manager is Awesome!!! honest, matches roles that best fit you and client needed!! Less

Given a sample client list of issues and business situation and asked to role play as the contracted Project Manager discussing the issues, potential methods to identify root-causes, pick a method and draw up the WBS, and give recommendations based on sample project conclusions.

1 Answers

Way too long to write!!

Philippine Long Distance

What is the best recommendation you can give for the improvement of the company.

1 Answers

As a new applicant, I could not give any recommendations or suggestion. For me to identify areas that need improvement and possible modification of business process or even automation may warrant the improvement requires involvement of one recommender to the company. Less

Architectural Graphics

Can you tell us about a bad experience with a past manager?

1 Answers

I explained a difficult experience and said that I understood where my past manager was coming from and followed their instructions until the situation righted itself. Less

Basin Street Properties

They asked me about my previous experience and if I felt I would be a good fit for the job. The overall experience of the interview was very positive and I felt good about the meeting.

1 Answers

I provided them with my previous experience and told them I was very interested in the position. I enjoy working with seniors and felt this would be a great fit. Less


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)


How could you be resourceful in this position if you were asked to create an employee video?

1 Answers

I would think of best cost and try to use internal resources, other employees who had skills in video production. Less


Do you know Logframe approach of project management?

1 Answers

No I have no practical knowledge on it but I know EU uses the technique extensively. In the past I came across many new technique or procedures and quickly learn it an applied. Thus I am confident that with my educational background, experience and eagerness to learn I will be able to deliver in shortest possible time. Less

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