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Product owners are key players in agile development projects. Often the most invested in the outcome of a project, product owners direct development teams towards achieving key goals. Teams looking for product owners will be searching for candidates who have the ability to create a clear vision for the future of the product, prioritise objectives and successfully lead a team to delivering results.

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Top Product Owner Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top product owner interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Who do you think is the essential product stakeholder and why?

How to answer: This open-ended question seeks to establish whether the product owner knows who the target market is. As a product owner, you should understand who the external stakeholders are and develop your product accordingly. Although each stakeholder plays a vital role in the process, you must also interact with the stakeholders and explain how each one contributes to the success of a product.

Question No. 2: How do you update your team about market situations or products?

How to answer: As part of your interview, this open-ended question helps the interviewer assess your communication and interpersonal skills when working with a team in product development. As the product owner, it is your job to ensure that the team is aware of any changes in market demands. You must make sure that all team members understand the vision behind your product. Explain the process of updating your team. Describe the information that is most important to share with your team and why.

Question No. 3: Which product discovery frameworks have you used?

How to answer: This open-ended question allows you to showcase your knowledge of and experience with various product discovery frameworks. You can demonstrate how you determine the applicability and efficacy of each and why you use the frameworks you do.

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Jackson National Life
Business Process Owner was asked...30 July 2015

Many questions on scenarios related to position requirements.

5 Answers

Did you study for any of the Assessment Tests? Thank you.

How long after the last interview did you wait for until they contacted you?

I got an email within a week

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DJT Corporation & Investments

Case Study Based Questions

4 Answers

Any example? Was case study given in advance?

Yes it was given in advance and was discussed during meeting with founder

Yes it was given in advance and was discussed during meeting with founder

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Renovate America

How do you handle conflict resolution between team members?

2 Answers

Interesting question for a Product Owner, I would generally consider managing the team dynamics (including conflict) as a key part of the Scrum Master role. Less

In response to the inquiry above, the Product Owner and Scrum Master role at Renovate America are considered one role. It's obviously not ideal since these two roles are supposed to balance each other, but that is the current setup at the company. Quite a bit of responsibility for one role. The PO manages the backlog (feature prioritization) and runs all retrospectives as well. Less

RouteMatch Software

Did you have contact with [internal recruiter]?

2 Answers

Yes, she emailed me about the assessment

How long did it take them to tell you you were not getting an offer?


How much liquid capital i had

2 Answers

With proof of my liquid capital.

Found excellent read:


As a PO you met with two VPs who want their Biopham compliance documents in digital format. Describe how you would go about this in 10 minutes

2 Answers

I would ask them what exactly do they envision being able to do when this work is delivered. This is my way crafting acceptance criteria and success factors. I would ask why the current way is not working, why the change now? If the ask seemed like a ton of effort, I would ask if the team could produce part of this request, what would be the most critical piece in order for the digital format to be useful. I would just listen for the messages not said directly suchas, if they really know what they want and why. Less

Since the VPs want a digital version of their compliance documents, it is implied they have physical versions. I'd ask for a hard copy of the compliance document. Once I have a version in hand, I'd ask them what parts of the document tend to be the same doc-to-doc, and which parts change or require user input. Less

Forever Living Products

What would I do if time and money was no oblect ?

2 Answers

How much do you want to earn and by when ?

Spread knowledge


If I am fine with working in adult entertainment industry.

2 Answers

It was unexpected as we are in 2018!!!! Why would somebody care for a tech job in adult industry? Less

Thank you for your honest feedback. We feel it's important to thoroughly explain our business model with openness and transparency. Our websites have changed how people relate to and think of online entertainment market and we are the leader in premium adult content worldwide. Our award-winning brands have become a point of reference for the industry and we are very proud of the recognition we have gained. This would not be possible without the amazing talent we hire - anyone across our teams from marketing to technology - we ensure we hire the people who are passionate and comfortable with what we do. We feel by asking the right questions you get the right answers! Thank you! Less


1. How are you going to select one feature for the sprint cycle out of two features which are equally important. He asked me to explain the reasoning for selecting the one out of it. Example he gave me was while manufacturing a phone, between Gorilla screen and battery, which one do you select for the first sprint cycle and why ?

2 Answers

For this, You can go with weighted priority technique where PO needs to consider the No. of customer affected with Gorilla Screen/Battery, The business improvement the feature generates, The cross or upsell it can generate, Cost needed to develop the feature compared to the revenue it is generating, Time to implement and complexity. If the product is existing then impact on other product line or other module. Rank each of them with number and prioritize with highest ranking. Less

The above holds good for the scenario when product already exists. If you are building product from scratch, then you need to consider battery has highest priority, going with KANO model/technique to prioritize. It is the basic feature to run the mobile. Less

How much risk does a business take on a given guaranteed price based on the price of the guaranteed product with the non-guaranteed product? This was given with actual numbers and I needed ot figure out the answer.

2 Answers

Guaranteed product in's case refers its model (agency - where it doesn't guarantee rooms) to its competitors (merchant/guaranteed - where rooms are pre-bought like wholesale in advance). The risk calculation needs to factor in - What price can the rooms be pre-bought at? What price can it be sold at (i.e. margin) - What probability is it that they will get sold (here the risk is of buying the room but not managing to sell it forward) - How will they be placed in search when compared to rooms which aren't pre-bought (conflict risk?) And some more complicated angles to dig deeper might be how it affects other hotels, whether you need to prebuy for the whole year or for a season or for just a short period, or how long in advance you need to prebuy (since youre competing with other people also trying to prebuy) etc PS - I was actually asked this question in a mock interview on, and got this answer from an ex-Booking guy, so I'm pretty sure its accurate ;) Less

My humble attempt: Analogy. Uber's scheduled rides vs. on-demand rides with a fixed price given source, destination and nature of taxi. Loss mostly boil down to (a) loss of new & existing consumers due to non-guarantee of taxis in scheduled rides (b) consumer security in the event of non-guarantee (c) more consumer cancellations affecting drivers due to learnt behaviour Less

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