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Warner Bros.
Post Production Supervisor was asked...21 May 2012

The usual experience examples

1 Answers

As detail as possible


Why do you want to work for us seeing that you have your own company?

1 Answers

I wanted to work for a large company and was looking for a change.


They asked about positions I held on projects, from my resume, which was right in front of them with the position next to the project. It was bizzare.

1 Answers

I provided my position title. Which again, was on the resume they were reading from. Less

South Pacific Pictures

Have you worked on scripted shows?

1 Answers

Yes and recently Vegas (Drama series in NZ)


How would you manage the post production pipeline to optimize for all the various elements that need to be synced on a project?


What was the most enjoyable and least enjoyable experience in my career 


How did you go from Assistant Editor to Coordinator, then editor to Post Supervisor?


Can you go through your work experience in Post Production

Moonbug Entertainment

What makes you fit for this job role.


Multi-part and intentionally complicated answers.

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