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HealthSTAR Communications
Nurse Educator was asked...19 January 2016

STAR formatted questions. The interviewer tried to make it as laid back as possible, as conversational as possible.

1 Answers

I answered with situational experiences in a fun and upbeat manner. I clarified to make sure that I addressed all of her points and addressed any/all of her questions that she may have had. It was apparent that she was taking notes and I wanted to make sure she got all the info down :) ! Less

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detail a hypothetical education plan

1 Answers

when did you have to learn something new


You understand that this is a heavy travel position?

1 Answers

tons of traveling !! while the sales person is rolling in the $ along with the CEO. The NURSE who knows the in's and outs of the accuvein unit are doing extensive traveling with no bonus, no benefits, and NO gratitude. maybe instead of the CEO making $250 K /year, maybe they should pass that onto the nurses in the field. . Furthermore, 2 nurses to cover the US, just ridiculous - BAD business plan Mr CEO!! STOP being so tight with the money and hire nurses to complete the education If the sales person is selling... who is doing the education... 2 Nurses?? And then they place in the contractor nurses who get treated horribly and then leave, HIGH turn over. Why bust your stones for NO gratitude and No compensation and NO future to get into the company. You as the contractor,,They will tell you that they will be hiring nurses( to keep you roped in...) Guess what... they never do!!! Don't waste your time, go to another company where you will be appreciated. Well unless you like getting used and abused. Less

Consulate Health Care

Explained the salary constraints and the job compared to my previous job and my education and experience.

1 Answers

I explained that I understood this and would have to give some thought to my ability to make it at that lever. Less

Teva Pharmaceuticals

It's all STARs based

1 Answers

Stick to answer questions with stars method and offer nothing more


I had to prepare a 5 minute patient education presentation. I was asked how I motivate patients.

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Listen, reflect on what the patient is saying and provide positive encouraging comments. Do not be judgemental Less

HealthSTAR Communications

Will I be available to accept an assignment and visit the patient within 48 hours.

1 Answers

Yes. Although I do work during the week and some weekend's at another job, I can easily make a visit on my way home--actually, I prefer it that way. Less


To describe how I handled certain situations.

1 Answers

I recalled situations from my past that applied to the question.

Consulate Health Care

My thoughts about the education programs as they explained them to me?

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I talked about my experience in teaching in the past and some ideas of meeting shift needs, etc. Less

UMass Memorial Health

What are your long term goals.

1 Answers

To obtain my PhD.

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