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O'Reilly Auto Parts
Human Resources Supervisor was asked...23 July 2014

They wanted to know my stance on unions, and some examples to support why I felt the way that I did.

2 Answers

I answered that I'm generally anti-union, and gave an example of a Walmart in Canada that unionized and ended up COSTING the employees money rather than winning them raises. Less

your full of crap union is always better

I was asked about experience with construction claim resolution and how would I approach such a task.

1 Answers

I stated that my approach to effective management sought win-win objectives with all objectives. Such an approach promotes a fair objectives and eliminates tendencies promoting exploitation of adversarial conditions Less

Philippine Long Distance

What is the best recommendation you can give for the improvement of the company.

1 Answers

As a new applicant, I could not give any recommendations or suggestion. For me to identify areas that need improvement and possible modification of business process or even automation may warrant the improvement requires involvement of one recommender to the company. Less


Previous experience in BPO

1 Answers

Gave them the number of years and what my position/s was/were

Toys "R" Us

I don't remember, but it was very centric around selling merchandise. I figure if I can recruit and sell a corporation I can BS and sell a swaddle.

1 Answers

Stick to offering lines of credit and focusing on how things would make a great gift. Less

Centura Health

What is your management style? How do you handle conflict?

1 Answers

What is your management style? I manage or lead in team concepts with an encouraging style yet firm. How do you handle conflict with employees? I quickly evaluate the situation. Most commonly I ask the employee if their issue is a "vent" or a "problem". I hear them out about their concern. If their issue is a vent I allow them to talk through it as a way of helping them resolve the stress and to hear their own talking points. If it is truly a problem, then I address the problem immediately regarding workflow, coworkers or what have you. I do not believe that "confrontation" has to be treated as a negative. I believe that confrontation is bringing something from the darkness into the light and addressing it accordingly. I follow up in an appropriate amount of time for all issues. I call those "touch base" moments. Less

CVS Health

Why do you want to work at CVS?

1 Answers

I want to serve an organization whose brand puts the customer first.

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Describe you experience dealing with a difficult employee.

1 Answers

My experience is 5 year on irrigation Authority development by extension expert and there none difficult Less

Bottom Line Equipment

Why were you terminated in your last job.

1 Answers

I was told I was not a good fit after being there a year and a half. Truth was that I did not participate in gossip nor did I belong to the clique of 8 women. I would sit and do my job all day long. Less

Toys "R" Us

When was a time you've dealt with a difficult customer?

1 Answers

I stated a time when I calmed a customer down and did everything I could to help them. Less

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