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General Assembly Maryland
Legislative Aide was asked...16 August 2019

Please describe the basic legislative process(ie how a bill becomes a law)?

1 Answers

I gave a 90 second breakdown of the legislative process. If you are unfamiliar, the Maryland General Assembly's website has a number of basic but solid sources to get you up to speed. Less

North Carolina General Assembly

What key areas of policy interest you the most

1 Answers

Energy, Healthcare, and Education

Jackson County (Missouri)

Are you comfortable knowing this job could end in 4 years?

1 Answers

Yes. I am prepared for that either way.

Texas House of Representatives

Do you have any experience in legislature?

1 Answers

Of course not! You're brand new. Push your natural skills that you know about yourself that could be useful to the office. Less

Ohio House

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Reps want someone that isn’t going to leave in 1 or 2 years. This is a weed out question so any commitment past a single general assembly will increase your chances. Less

California State Legislature

Questions were mainly based around my resume and past experiences with the legislature

1 Answers

Honestly I ended up taking over the interview in order to sell my ideas about work process and my personality. It worked because it turned what was originally a pretty uncomfortable interview into a great dialogue that showed that I had a solid grasp on the needs of the job and a personality that isn't going to drag the office down when deadlines start to come. Less

Suffolk County Legislature

What was my experience How does my experience prepare me for this role What am I looking for in a job

1 Answers

I have a degree in the field and multiple jobs in the field I have had similar jobs before an exciting opportunity to work with an elected and serve the constituency Less

Texas House of Representatives

How do your past experiences prepare you to work in this office?

1 Answers

I tailored this to the job I was interviewing for (i.e. a lot of admin work)

Texas House of Representatives

Why do you want to work for this office specifically?

1 Answers

Make sure you have tailored answers to the Rep or Senator you're interviewing with. Highlight their past bills, demographics, etc. Less

City of Atlanta

How I liked attended a university that I never attended.

1 Answers

I awkwardly had to point out that, as my resume states, I went to a different undergrad. Less

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