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New Relic
IT Financial Risk Compliance Lead was asked...6 April 2021

They asked me whether or not I had experience modifying control processes.

1 Answers

I had worked in consulting in The Bay Area for the past two years so I had multiple instances where I could point to a change that was deemed necessary and how the team's I worked with were able to modify the process in a quick and effective manner. Less

CRST Logistics

Name a difficult situation and how you handled it.

1 Answers

When I worked in printing, the wrong brochure was printed. I came up with a game plan and a new ship date for the correct brochure to be delivered. Wwe shipped overnight and was able to make their delivery date Less

Volkswagen Group of America

If I was a certified auditor as that was what the were looking for. The requirement was not in the job posting or brought up in the previous phone interviews.

1 Answers

I was not a certified auditor.

Lennox International

How would you approach having to correct a process used by coworkers not working at your location?

1 Answers

IT use. Time line programm

GlobalLogic UK&I

What do you think would be the most difficult thing for you when coming to work for us?

Kellogg Company

They asked me about a success I had

1 Answers

I told them about the time I had to audit a training program that was not structured well, in my opinion. I restructured the training material and class learning style and had a successful program within two weeks. Less


How are your excel skills? How do you feel about support roles?

1 Answers

Great! I have always been a person who volunteers and have a customer first attitude. Less

Duke Energy

give me a time of when you worked across functional groups inside of an organization to resolve a difficult problem?


Tell me about a time you solved a problem and what was the result?

Capital on Tap

they typical “hAvE yOu eVeR wOrKed wIth dIfiCulT pEoPle”

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