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What is the command in Linux that allows you to modify file structures from a server?

1 Answer

I told them straight out: "I do not know the answer to the technical question, although I am very much willing to learn and review these concepts as I am a very fast learner."

What is SCCM, SCCM server location...etc, windows and network knowledge are required.

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Tell us about your personality, hobbies.

1 Answer

Typical P&G 8 interview question and something about my experience from my resume.

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Do you know e-Commence

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Fortunately I was already in before they started requiring psychometric testing in addition to traditional interview practices. I seriously question the value of this practice and wonder how many good people were not hired as a result, or, how many book-smart-only people get because they are good at these things.

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About the apt test. It is an numerical test.

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Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself and your previous work experience

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Are you ready stop having a life to work for us?

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As this position is a junior position, we are only intending to give you a salary which misses your expectation grossly. May I ask if you are still ok with that?

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