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Deutsche Bank
In House Counsel was asked...9 December 2011

How did you like working at Sullivan & Cromwell? Please describe some of your work.

1 Answers

I enjoyed working at Sullivan & Cromwell and then I explained some of the projects on which I worked. Less

Corporate Tools

What is your experience with IP?

1 Answers

I described my 20 years' experience with IP.

The Salvation Army

How would you handle a difficult situation

1 Answers

The key is communication


How did my hobbies relate to what I want to do with my career

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No, but it can give the interviewer (and the company) a better idea of who you are as a person. This can be a good thing in that they are interested in learning about who you are since being a good fit culturally can be just as important as being qualified for the responsibilities of the position. It doesn't mean they will disqualify you solely based on your hobbies but a question like this helps someone understand a bit more about you. My advice is to prep in advance and have a standard answer for questions like this relating to your personal life - be sure you are ready to provide a few examples that are appropriate to share with an employer and that you are willing to divulge. (Ex: Mountain biking, volunteering, etc...) Less

Progressive Insurance

Tell me about a time when you took action. This answer can also be used for similar questions like: a specific role on a team, detail oriented, a question asking about a Complex Project/Analytical perspective there are 3-5 STAR questions in the phone interview and about 6 STAR questions in the in person interview. My suggestion is to tailor 5-7 answers for each question: •Specific Role on the team •Took Action •Detail Oriented •Complex Project/Analytical perspective •prioritize • process improvement idea • confidential information •complex project/problem •stressful situation •fast paced •overwhelming Influence another person •Perform/full potential • Disappointed in your performance •Tough Problem •Wastes time •Superior Customer Service •Biggest Achievement •Negative Feedback. BRING NOTES WITH YOU!! They encourage it! It seriously helped me feel more confident even through I didn't use them. I did not get selected however, I was told in my feed back conversation that I did very well but a person with a more consistent work history got the position and I was put on a silver medal list for that position meaning when there was another opening I would be contacted by the recruiter.

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(S) A project I recently worked on was coming up with a procedure to effectively track all of our litigation cases. Litigation cases, especially medical malpractice cases, are very deadline driven. With the volume of cases in litigation, it was crucial that I implemented a procedure so deadlines were not missed. (T) I made sure to included different metrics that I knew would be crucial to any attorney including case numbers, court dates, hearings, and any necessary/required follow-up documents. (A) I began to compile a list of all litigation cases. Then I began to create color coded spreadsheets, word documents and calendars that included all SOL’s for re-file cases, all court dates, hearings, deadlines, reminders, case numbers, counties, and file owners/attorneys handling the file. I also made short notes on each litigation case to show what the last thing done was, next thing that should be done, or if something is over-due. I also separated files that needed urgent attention, and files that needed reviewed by the file owner. (R) I made all of the tracking available on our server to everyone. I also conducted a meeting that introduced the staff to this new procedure and at the end opened the floor for questions. Everyone thought that it was a great procedure and couldn’t wait to see how it positively affected work flow. It is great because now there is a reliable in-house docketing system. Over the last 6 months file management is much better and it has increased work flow considerably, resulting in quicker resolution of cases. Less


How would you manage international time zones.

1 Answers

By planning my time around the conversations I knew that i'd be due to have in that day. Less

Professional Finance Company

How do you feel you would handle the workload (as described)?

1 Answers

I answered with examples from previous work experience that held a common thread with the work as described. Less


Questions varied. Most of the questions related to my professional experience, my interests (in the area of law), and what I could bring to the table. I also received technical questions relating to privacy law and international law. There were also questions used to evaluate personality and compatibility with the rest of the company/team. Lots of emphasis on the fact that it's a fast-growing startup company resulting in a higher volume of work.

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Don't be afraid to talk about what you can bring to the table in the short-term and in the long-term. Less

Milestone Systems A / S

Experience with SaaS contracts and federal government contracting.

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I described various SaaS purchases I had negotiated and contract procurement process. Less


Are you happy to work for personal matters and holdings of the owner? He's developing his house.

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It allows for access to the owner, so I see it as a positive.

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