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Toss a fair coin between two people. If it end with HHT, A wins the game. If it ends with HTT, B wins the game. Whats the probability of A wining the game.

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if order isn't important, than you have for possible outcomes. HHH, TTT, HTT, TTH. You can see immediately there's 1 chance out of 4 for A to win. If order is important, there are 8 possibilities. 1 chance out of 8 for A to win.

1/4 srsly?

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There are 1000 people in a hall. One person had his hand painted. Every minute everyone shake their hand with someone else. How much time is needed to paint all the hands? What is the best scenario? What is the worst scenario?

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What experience you had in University makes you a good engineer.

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Mainly about the job description, if I understood the job requirements.

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Do you have any experience writing Android app?

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Round 1: (Google Doc Format) Personal Info+ “If you could add a new section to 9GAG what would it be and why?”

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What is your career ambition?

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In terms of Fintech which might be a better place to invest in Hong Kong or the Greater Bay Area

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3. What is your long term ambition?

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