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Dire Wolf Digital
Technical Producer/Game Designer was asked...29 October 2018

Too many to relate. The standout for me though: Are you more of a Den Mother or a Drill Sergeant?

3 Answers

I default to Den Mother, but have performed both roles. Told about the time where I had to hold a distant cousin who served under me accountable for his repeated tardiness, eventually leading to him getting booted from the Air Force. Was met with "We're looking for more of a Drill Sergeant." Less

The “owner” is very much stuck in the 1999’s “beat the workers until morale improves “ style of management. Even if you say you can manage appropriately for the situation - as soon as you said den mother, it was over for you. Think about it though - good products or not - is that the kind of place you want to work? Less

It's still my first pick. The military has something of a late 70s early 80s style to its management, though I'd argue its leadership is more ahead of the curve. Workers there are viewed as interchangeable parts and an up or out mentality prevails. A task master would still be a comfortable upgrade to the personnel management systems documented in DOPMA. I think you're right though. Perhaps a more hard -a-- line would have communicated my "buck stops here" approach. Next year will be different. Less


You're not one of those "gamer elitists" are you?

1 Answers

Um... no... I don't think so.


Are you sure I want to be a Producer and not a Game Designer?

1 Answers

I don't feel like I need to limit my skill set to one discipline. I have worn many hats in the past. Less


They had a handful of scenario-type questions, like dealing with a difficult employee (what do you do?). They even acted it out a bit as if one of the producers was the bad employee who didn't want to go a stand-up. So that was rather interesting.

1 Answers

I tried to role-play through it and approach it the way I would in a real setting. I thought it was a fine interview. I would have appreciated feedback to understand what sort of responses they were looking for. Also, I would have appreciated a more prompt response from recruiting rather than waiting for 3 weeks. Less


They asked about whether I am ready to easily leave my current position, strange question when I had already applied to their position, that already means I am ready to change the job, other questions were the same level of stupidity, seems they wanted to identify my motivation.

1 Answers

I asked a very similar question and the person actually said no, he just wanted to see what is out there and keep his interview skills active. It was a complete waste of our time. Less


What's your experience producing games?

1 Answers

I launched more than 50.


Why do you want to work at Crytek?

1 Answers

I answered that I liked their products, and that with the current gaming landscapes the company had big challenges. Also Crytek attention to details and overall, no compromise towards high-quality, was appealing. Less


Types of software testing

1 Answers

The best answers can be found in ISQBT


Game-critique about 2 games

1 Answers

A big list of changes.

What did you do to increase the retention of your game?

1 Answers

I just didn't remember the details, that's why it was a difficult question. More unexpected rather than difficult. Less

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