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Director Interview Questions in Hong Kong


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Do you have data from Thomson Reuters Do you have secret database of contact of Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg Law Do you have any clients that feel like they wanna abandon Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Capital SP, and Factset, we offer cheaper options coz we got the source

3 Answers

I have..please hire me..I have all of that, I can make ur company f''' successfull

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your one greatest strength that you bring to organization

1 Answer

How smart do you think you are?

1 Answer

If your development manager does not deliver projects and does nothing , what to do?

1 Answer

Can you give the value of pi to as many decimal places?

1 Answer

Why would you like to work for Bunny Studio? Tell us a bit about yourself?

1 Answer

What do you know about the fund industry?

1 Answer

Nothing unexpected. All related to the job desc.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at AIA

1 Answer

how to improve fulfilment rate

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