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There are a boy and a girl. The interviewer is giving an apple to one of them. The boy said "I am not holding the apple." The girl said "Only one of us is telling the truth" Who is holding the apple?

3 Answers

This riddle is stated wrong.


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What are your motivations in life?

1 Answer

What is your experience?

1 Answer

How do you transfer your previous job experiences to this role

1 Answer

What do you want most out of a job as being a consultant.

1 Answer

apart from the weakness you mentioned, what other weaknesses do you have?

1 Answer

What makes you believe you will be a good recruiter?

1 Answer

Would you start your day at 2:30am when the client have an urgent request?

1 Answer

Q: analyze your findings and propose solutions for the firm

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Q: If a customer is asking what kind of briefcase would be a good option to buy, what would you recommend them and how?

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