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In a compliance analyst interview, the interviewer will probably ask questions relating to your ethics and interpersonal skills. Expect the interviewer to assess these skills through situational questions that investigate your values and instincts.

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Top Compliance Analyst Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top compliance analyst interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What would you do if you discovered that an employee was violating company policy?

How to answer: You can use this question to showcase your communication and conflict-resolution skills. Interviewers may want to hear about a time when you dealt with a sensitive situation, or perhaps a hostile employee, and successfully resolved the situation. Stay positive, and focus on how the company's values guided your actions.

Question No. 2: How would you respond if a C-suite executive disagrees with the company's code of conduct?

How to answer: Compliance analysts require a strong sense of ethics. With your answer, aim to show interviewers that seniority does not influence you and that you take seriously your responsibility to hold all employees to the same standard regardless of their job title.

Question No. 3: How would you protect someone who confides in you with a report of a serious policy violation?

How to answer: An impressive answer would mention that there are laws in place to protect whistle-blowers from disciplinary action for sharing such information. You might also emphasise that you value confidentiality. For example, you could mention that you would keep the employee's identity private unless it was absolutely necessary to disclose it. With this answer, you can assure interviewers that, although you strictly enforce rules and laws, you also possess the interpersonal skills to build trust with employees.

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They asked me to explain my key strengths and weaknesses. They asked me to discuss a mistake I have made and how I managed to overcome this and learn from this.

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Study background Strengths/weaknesses Experiences in working in a team/in autonomy

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Experience questions, why I was interested in the position, questions I had for them, and what experiences would translate into the role.

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Why the Company should hire you? What you can contribute to the Company by taking up this role.

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Why I was looking for a new position


Resume, past experience, why Protiviti.


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Why should we hire you?


What skills have you learned in previous jobs that will help here.


Whats your strengths and weaknesses

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