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HCL Technologies
Group Project Manager was asked...20 March 2012

How to Manage Customer when last minute Critical issue faced just before UAT

2 Answers

Good to have detail discussion about last hour crtical issue with client,It is obvious in software develoment probablity of risk will trigger is unexpeced ,Therefore as manager we will have a contigency plan to mitigate the unknow unknow risk.As manager i have to use the contigency plan(schedule and mitigation to overcome the issue) and inform client that using this plan there are chance of delivery as expected if not possible will allow other components to delivery ,keeping this aside. Less

Have a detail discussion with Customer on criticality of issue and convince him, rather than putting under carpet Less


At peak times, in a theme park customer satisfaction goes for a toss due to long waiting periods at the rides. How can you solve this problem using technology?

2 Answers

- Take preference from the visitors the moment they enter and recommend a route plan. Idea is to compute the demand for various rides and optimise the wait times. - Issue a digital token when they land up at the queue and they are free to spend time around until their turn. We could issue a notification on digital token asking visitor to come back to the ride when it is just right time to get onto the ride Less

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Group Product Manager experts who've worked at ClearTax, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Less


Why I left my last job?

1 Answers

I told them upper management tried having me go against my ethics and try to cut corners on a medical cable product and I wouldn't so company decided to lay me off. Less


For the "human" interview, none really - they don't try "trick" you. They just want to assess you honestly and see what you are like, which is nice. Obviously you need to be able to discuss and answer intelligently regarding whatever you say your skills and experience is. The computer based assessment tools ask weird questions and some interesting brain-teasers, but these are to test lateral thinking and things like that - more of a game, no "wrong" answers really.

1 Answers

One of the best interview experiences I've had.


What is my leadership style?

1 Answers

Collaborative and more of a servant leader ensuring my team has the tools to be successful and is paired with the work they love to do with the right measures to drive organizational success. Less

Sauce Labs

Not exactly one question but they generally wanted to know how I navigated tough prioritization decisions.

1 Answers

Lead w/ what is best for the customer

Rasa Technologies

Assignment had to be created on: What was the product vision? How would you describe your product strategy? How did this fit into the company strategy? What was the context in which you were operating? How did you get buy-in to proceed? Who did you work with directly (design, engineering, etc.) and indirectly (stakeholders, etc.)? How did you validate your assumptions and separate your biases as you were figuring out what to build? How did you prioritise features? How did you balance technical, user, and business needs and make informed decisions about when and what you shipped to customers? Which challenges did you face? What was the outcome, and how did you validate your success?

1 Answers

Created a PPT around my organizational experience to highlight on all key factors Less

Clipboard Health

Let’s talk about answers provided in the use case.

1 Answers

Spent time reviewing the use case. Almost no questions about real world scenarios. No questions about culture fit. Lack of clarity relating to the role posted, applied and the role interviewing. Less


mark zuckerberg comes to you and says "whatsapp's usage is going down. now identify the problem and solve it" I already have a problem/solution in mind. We will test is you are able to reach to it.

1 Answers

I asked questions to eventually reach to the problem but we couldn't reach there in 50 min. At the end, the interviewer wanted to speed up the process and end the conversation. At the end of the call, he informed the the problem he had in mind. Less


O que busca em uma empresa? O que é importante para você?

1 Answers

Ter o propósito alinhado aos meus valores, ambiente de bem-estar, confiança, transparência, que valorize as pessoas, promova um espaço de aprendizado/troca/colaboração, liberdade para criar, experimentar e ser desafiador. Less

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