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Group Creative Director was asked...11 November 2015

How do you feel about your subordinates knowing more about social media than you do?

1 Answers

I don't have a problem with it. I am likely being considered because of my extensive experience in large agencies leading and inspiring creative teams and managing multinational client relationships. I have done a deep dive into understanding the current state of social/mobile marketing, and understand the global shift in the very way we advertise. I've written articles about it. I will always manage team members who know more than I do about something we do. I don't assume that I know everything, and I enjoy learning things from my team. But I know how to engage consumers on a global scale, and I know how to motivate creative teams. I am hired to lead, challenge and inspire, and that's what I do. As far as social media goes, it's changing and evolving daily. There is no manual. We are all learning together. Now that I understand the foundation of it re: micro-targeting through data analytics and curating content customized for each platform...the changing landscape is something we will evolve with together. Less

Team One

Why I would return to an agency I had previously worked at.

1 Answers

Different management made it a way better agency.

Nestlé Purina U.S.

They will ask you to talk about your case studies. Make sure to have 3-4 good ones to reference and try not to repeat your cases. Make them strong and how they helped the company you worked for.

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Remember this is a behavior based interview process. Your answers are being analyzed so talk about how your contributions affected your results - and most importantly how you helped a team/group accomplish the results together. Less

AMP Agency

There were a number of questions around hypothetical situations. Dealing with and managing a difficult employee, for example.

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I generally focused my answers on the success of the team and company at large. Centered on the idea that putting employees, even difficult ones, in situations where they were set up to succeed, vs fail, was key. If there were still issues, then I was very matter-of-fact with my own philosophy of not hiring a-holes, and that sometimes the talent did not justify the personality. Less


When can you start?

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I can't recall any questions being particularly difficult to answer or unexpected. However, my employment contract hindered me from joining Ogilvy immediately. I honored my contract and stayed for three months before being able to join Ogilvy. Less

Integer Group

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answers

It would look good on my resume


Outside of the typical questions on thought leadership and handling difficult scenarios, an unexpected turn was when the CEO challenged personal philosophy and how it applied to business acumen.

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