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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Graduate Consultant was asked...14 March 2017

focussed on ability to network, how you demonstrate that you listen/ are listening, whether you have missed deadlines before (e.g. tell me about a time that you have missed a deadline)

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About 3 weeks ago now. I'm also hoping for the same good luck

Have you heard anything yet?

Still nothing here

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FDM Group

This question came up in the set venn diagram test. Out of 120 students, those with ID's that are even numbers are doing Physics, and all with ID's divisible by 5 are doing Chemistry, and all with ID's divisible by 7 are doing Maths. How many are doing Physics AND Maths? How many are doing Maths and Chemistry? How many are doing neither subject? etc..

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This last method is simpler, thanks

How you did that??? I'm so confused with all these maths. Any help???

I got the same & also 3 (not 2)

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There were 7 questions in total revolving around what is your knowledge about the company and the risks it's facing. Then they had some job related questions like, why this job what do you expect etc. Finally they asked me to describe a project and what is important in a project

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They did not provide a feedback after the interview due to number of applications which did not really help to evaluate my performance. Less

Hi, could you tell me some more of the questions they asked for the video interview? Less

There was one question about why do you want this post and how are you compatible. What is most important for a consultant, if you are willing to be mobile, what is the biggest risk that the company is facing. There was also one about technology development, about giving an example of a possible future development. This is what I can remember Less

Newton Europe

What would your friends describe as your worst trait?

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Same topics - very similar questions not sure if they were the same or not

Hey, thanks for the information you've provided. Could you share a little more info on the new concept exercise and also the case study? Less

Hello, thanks for the info... when you re did the numerical tests can you remember if they were the same as previously done or were they different and new questions(new topics?) Less


Questions about innovation, risks for Santander etc.

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It is sooo off putting to have to stare at yourself at a camera while you talk to it live so you cannot even change if you froze and got nervous. It is completely horrific because with an interview at least you are talking to them but that was literally the worst interview of my life. Video interviews are not for me. I think if I couldn't see the camera it would have been better or if I was talking to a real person. I just actually cannot believe that after 4 years at university and getting a first I can confidently say I am probably never get a graduate job. fabulous. Less

Hi, Can you tell me more on what questions where asked as i have one in 2 days, that would be helpful, thanks. Less


What type of things motivate yourself?

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Hi I was just wondering how many questions there were on the online interview? I've got one to complete in the next 5 days and just doing some preparation. Less

Can you share your experience and questions? because I just finished my verbal test. Now I'm preparing for the online interview too. Less


What kind of data would someone working in IB/IM look for in FactSet software?

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It data

(i) So How was the Micro-teach session like? What topics was presented? (ii) Do you remember any of the software questions? Less

Newton Europe

As above

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Were the tests they made you do on the day exactly the same as the tests online?

Yes but with different labels/numbers - so the online one about apples/pears/rhubard(?) in 3 different production/packing lines was restyled as packing red peppers and carrots into bags in different production lines, and the online one about quotes for a ski trip was restyled as some other form of trip to different countries with the same style of graphs/tables Less

Newton Europe

Online: What have you most enjoyed learning at uni and why?

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What do you mean by process control methodologies?

E. G. Representing industrial processes diagrammatically, being able to find bottlenecks and using buffers to resolve these issues. Less


What have you done in a new situation where you have to produce something but do not have a lot of ideas on a specific matter and how would you deal with the situation (not the exact question but something in a similar line).

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Personally, for me I struggled with the competency based questions as I didn't have relevant work experience to give examples from on how I resolved the issue etc. I had to use a lot of examples from my uni group work or part-time work during uni. Less

Hey, just wondering how long it took to find out that you hadn't been successful? Less

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