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Global Marketing Manager was asked...13 March 2020

Tell us about a fully integrated marketing campaign you initiated, built and executed and the results of the campaign.

1 Answers

Gave an example from my experience that showed planning, action and success in B2B marketing that was unique and well thought out. Less


Can you travel 100 days per year.

1 Answers

No, only 20 days per year


At what point do you decide that you need to leave a company you work for?

1 Answers

As I was in this particular situation, switching from another employer, I answered honestly. I stated that if I've been at a company long enough to no longer have any logical steps to develop myself, I make the decision to leave to find a role where I do. Less

Merck KGaA

typical interview questions tell me about yourself- financial planning/ P&L and presenting, forecasting, changes that I made in my previous role , explain how you did this and that based on my accomplishments on my resume

1 Answers

very well and thorough

Cook Medical Inc

What books do you read?

1 Answers

Professional development books.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Pourquoi travailler en santé animale ?

1 Answers

Car la finalité est l'Homme


Do you have experience with Google Analytics

1 Answers

Focused on the cicumstances I used the tool and metrics

GE Healthcare

Tell me why you want to be in healthcare.

1 Answers

Made a transition and had to have a good answer for this one. Not a hard question, but one that needs to be answered confidently. No single answer. Less


We have 5 more people interviewing. Why should we hire you for this position?

1 Answers

From my previous experiences.... I have the skills and abilities...


Walk me through a marketing campaign.

1 Answers

I answered with a front to back process of the campaign.

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