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Director, Global Sales and Marketing Operations was asked...9 April 2019

How nimble and comfortable are you with constant change?

1 Answers

Thrive on change

HomeServe UK

They asked for two complete Marketing Plans for their biggest global problems. Poor shrinking sales and negative results in UK Boiler Business ( Shrinking business due to total lack of value proposition and Marketing Strategy ) and integration of acquired companies. They do not have any Marketing basics or even a simple brand platform activated. Not even considered, not planned. Nothing.

1 Answers

I prepared two complete Strategic Marketing Plans for increasing UK boiler sales by New Channels, Marketing Integration and Digital Improvement Strategy and a complete marketing Plan for Acquired companies integration. HVAC CEO listen to my explanation, took the presentation with her and sent a cold mail saying that they have decided to go with another candidate and asking for my availability to do some consultant work in the future. They continue looking for candidates after that through LinkedIn. Not a trustable company. Less


Never spoke with anyone. Just a buck of math and logic questions on an exam.

1 Answers

I passed I guess.

Xtreme Lashes

I was not given any heads-up regards to a PowerPoint presentation.

1 Answers

Not sure if company is just looking for a good SEO / SEM service provider or a real director to run their fading marketing position. By the way, place looks like a run-down, beaten-up down right depressing with most of the cubicles / desks empty! Less


How do you deal with cross functional teams.

1 Answers

Correctly, apparently.

Boston Scientific

If you had one "do-over" in your career, what would it be.

1 Answers

To go to school

Anheuser-Busch InBev

What is your superpower?

1 Answers

*Eye roll*


Why Unit4?

1 Answers

Being part of a great vision, creating a new kind of ERP Software


Provide a time when you presented work that didn’t go well?

1 Answers

I provided the time I answered the wrong question but was able to pivot to provide a quick answer for the main question. Less


Why are you interested in S-W? How did you find out about this opening? Why should we consider you instead of the numerous, well qualified internal candidates? Etc.

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