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General Merchandise Clerk was asked...11 September 2015

tell me about a time wher you had t work with someone difficult and how you responded to that.

3 Answers

dealt with the person calmly and let them v ent before answering and helping them with their question. Less

Let the customer vent before you say what can we do to make this right..with a smile. Less

How may I help you , can you please let me know ,how I can help you make sure we help make this a priority Less

Conner & Winters

Can you work in quickly changing environment

2 Answers

Yes, can adapt and multitask!

Yes I have


Basic interview questions: strengths/weaknesses, experience relation to the job

2 Answers

Just google some really good answers and tailor it to your experience

Identify something such as patience and why like “ patience because sometimes I’m eager to be promoted and Eventhough it may be right another candidate gets chosen & how I’ve fixed this is to believe in supervision for their choice and believe in the candidate chosen to fulfil the job duty . Less

Duane Reade

Describe an error that you made in a work atmosphere and how you dealt with it.

2 Answers

Regardless of what you say or the situation be sure to note that you took responsibility for it. Less

I admitted my error and corrected it right away!


What's you're favorite color

2 Answers



Save-On Foods

What do you know about save on foods?

2 Answers

*do research

There are very friendly staff and good management

Skyline Ultd

Can I read an ERB

1 Answers


K4 Solutions

Do you have problems following policies, even if you think they are ridiculous?

1 Answers

No, I don't. It's not my company. I understand that policies are put in place for a reason. Less

Government of Manitoba

The three interviewers had a list of questions and I was provided prior to the interview about 15 minutes before a copy of the questions they were going to ask so that I could prepare my answers. I also had a glass of water in the room to make me comfortable. I was interviewed by the recruiting manager an HR consultant and another team member. First I had to describe my professional path, then I was asked how I manage conflict, then how do I manage priorities. Another question was how do I react if I do not know how to do he work and last if I found my co-worker was not loyal how would I handle the situation.

1 Answers

was it an online virtual interview?

Devonshires Solicitors

They asked what I would do if I was given two tasks that were both equally important and needed to be completed by the end of the day

1 Answers

I said I would be fair and honest with the individuals expecting the work from me and give them an estimated time frame. Less

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