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Red Bull Media House
Project Manager/the Chief Executive Officer Needs to Do Some Layoffs Current Staff IS Subpar was asked...1 July 2015

How many people are on your cross functional team ? what are the roles of each of those people. Forgive me while I write this down so that I have insight in to what the organization looks like at Sony.

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Sounds like you are just surveying people for information that can help you in your current role, however you don't have a position you are hiring for. Less

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Wie sind sie im internationalen Umfeld zurecht gekommen?

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Ich war lange sehr erfolgreich an der Schnittstelle eines 2 Nationenunternehmen tätig und kenne mich damit aus zwischen unterschiedlichen Kulturen zu vermitteln Less


What do you require to do this role?

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I listed generic requirements for me to work. But without being told what the general projects will be, and getting a good concept of the workload that would be coming my way, I could not project the staff requirement for the position. Less

Cisco Systems

Nothing out of the ordinary

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not applicable

Huawei Technologies

customer background

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decisions charts and overall sales strategy

Visa Inc.

Stake holder Management skills and nothing to do with the post itself. All women team and 20 Contractors.

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Avoid if you are a man as they only employ women for this post in London.

Polaris FT

Nothing difficult or unexpected, but the questions helped me decide whether I want to play a pure project manager role or a techno-managerial role.

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Chose techno-managerial role


The first phone interview is 1 hour and full of questions about what you did at your past roles. They also ask you for THREE weaknesses (which we all know is code for "find a way to make a fake weakness into something positive sounding). The questions aren't hard, but an hour? really? this role pays $45k and any college grad could do it; i'm not interviewing to be an investment banker. They make you wait over a week to tell you whether or not you make the next round, which consists of "behavioral questions." By behavioral they really mean that two 20-somethings will be shooting questions off at you at a firing squad pace in "give me an example of a time when" form. This torture also goes on for an hour.

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After looking at the reviews on Glassdoor and seeing the Big Brother obsession that this company follows in responding to ALL their reviews, I was a little apprehensive to write this. BUT considering I wasn't chosen to move forward, I figured what the hell. Pep, I look forward to you letting me know how seriously you take the interview process, and that age has nothing to do with how skilled a person can be at interviewing. I will say that the position sounds pretty cool, it's just a shame that you make the interview process out to be something that's the equivalent of applying for a much higher paying position - and put, lets be real, KIDS in charge of the interview process. Less


Tell me about the selling point of the cloud services you recommended.

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Developed a business case. Conducted a risk assessment; implementation strategy and ROI. Needless to say they wanted hear how I sold $millions of dollars of useless services. SORRY.... Less

Starcom Worldwide

How well do you know excel?

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Out of 10 I am a 8

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