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The problems are not hard.

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But you may need well preparation.

o(nlogn) solution based on binary search below. An o(n) solution based on hashtable is also possible but consume o(n) memory. public static void main (String[] args) throws java.lang.Exception { Pair p = findPairBySum(15, new int[] {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}); System.out.println(p.x); System.out.println(p.y); } public static Pair findPairBySum(int sum, int[] sortedArr) { for (int i=0; i= 0) return new Pair(first, expected); } return null; } public static int getIndex(int num, int[] sortedArr, int startIndex, int endIndex) { if (startIndex > endIndex) return -1; int pos = startIndex + (endIndex - startIndex) / 2; int valAtMiddle = sortedArr[pos]; if (valAtMiddle == num) return pos; if (num < valAtMiddle) return getIndex(num, sortedArr, startIndex, pos-1); return getIndex(num, sortedArr, pos+1, endIndex); } public static class Pair { public int x; public int y; public Pair(int x, int y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; } }

Note that the array is sorted already. O(n) time with O(1) space is feasible.

What can you bring to the company

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u like to work here

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Group discussion in Cantonese about how to improve the service quality of MTR

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Self introdction in English

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Try to prioritize the schedule of an Engineer

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Why do you choose joining this industry not choosing other industry?

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The technical test about some algorithm and Java technology.

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The most interesting and difficult aspect I think was the group discussion, in which a project related to CX's engineering department is presented to the candidates. After a brief amount of time, the candidates as a team must decide the best course of action

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