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Florida Department of Children and Families
Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist I was asked...13 May 2015

what type of career and working environment would you prefer to be in?

12 Answers

Did they tell you how long the process would take or when they are trying to fill the position? Less

No they didn't actually. I sent a Thank you email to the assistant who schedule my interview. I was so nervous I forgot to ask questions....shoot I didn't get the interviewer email or telephone info. It's about a week now. Does anybody know how long the process takes or will take? Am very anxious! Less

Me and another person are waiting to hear back...its been over 2 weeks for me.

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Florida Department of Children and Families

The questions are not that difficult

4 Answers

The math test consist of basic percentage, rounding and or how much does the person make per month and or biweekly. You need to know a little multiplication and subtraction to do the math problems. With regard to the typing test you have to get 35 wpm. Less

The math question consist of about 20 questions. You have 30 minutes to complete the math questions. Less

How much math questions

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Florida Department of Children and Families

Define Success?

2 Answers

I would have like to known either way, but I'm not waiting too long. Good luck to you as well. Less

I interviewed at the same time. Had the same exact experience. They said they'd know in a week (which would have been last week and that they'd let me know either way. I've called and emailed to no avail. I just want to know! Good luck. Less

Florida Department of Children and Families

Computer systems you've worked on?

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Did you ever get a job offer? If so how long did it take? How do you like the job? Less

Microsoft Office

Banyan Global

Him: Your gender experience doesn't stand out in your resume. I want you write a 1 pager detailing all of your gender experience. If you can really wow me, I might pass you along. Do you think you could do that for me? (in a smarmy syrupy tone triggering my sexual harassment alarms) I think: "If I can really wow you?" I have over 10 years related work experience most of which is in SRHR. Anyone who is engaged in gender programming know that the 2 are inseparable. Were you not listening? I also just spent 30 minutes on the phone describing in detail all of my directly related research and work experience. If you read my resume and thoughtfully written cover letter, you would have a sense of what I bring. Also, this is what the interview is for! A competent manager knows how to ask leading questions to draw out details about a candidate's experience and assess their suitability. A competent manager does not wield power and privilege and make a candidate grovel for a job by doing extra work outside of the normal parameters of an interview process. Read the cover letter and resume, ask appropriate interview questions instead of BS chitchat, and then ask for writing samples and references. That's how it's done. If you don't have technical expertise in this area yourself, you have no right to make a determination about my level of expertise. Him: When would you be able to start? I see that you're consulting now, so you're not really working.... I think: Excuse me? "Not really working?!" If you have ever been an independent consultant, or have known any, you would get that consultants are the hardest hustlers out there who have to work ten times harder to market themselves and win contracts, often working on multiple concurrent projects. Yeah, I'm "not really working."

2 Answers

I curtly thanked him and hung up the phone. No one speaks to me like that. No one. Less

We at Banyan Global pride ourselves in upholding an inclusive and respectful work environment. We apologize that you experienced an unpleasant interview with one of our team members. Please know that I have personally spoken to him and discussed language, tone and approach for his interview processes. I also want to thank you for taking the time to express your disappointment in the interview. Regards. Banyan Global Vice President Less


Can you tell me the formula for discounted cash flow?

2 Answers

PV=CF(not FV)/... :)

PV = FV/(1+interest_rate_in_decimal_form)^number_of_periods_i.e._years

Florida Department of Children and Families

Given our investment in employees, why would you be worth the investment? What is good customer service? Give an example of a time where you made a mistake and your work was criticized and how you handled it. How do you deal with stress? What in your background makes you a good fit for the job? Give an example of how you deal with conflict. Describe your computer experience and programs you use.Where do you see yourself in 3 years? What makes a successful employee?

2 Answers

What type of comprehension questions are there on the test? Most difficult math questions? Thank you for any assistance to this, would like to brush up on some skills before the interview Less

Good customer service is: having good communication, listening effectively, acknowledging the customer's concerns, demonstrating patience. Less

Florida Department of Children and Families

Describe a situation in which a former employer criticized my performance and how I handled it.

2 Answers

Describe a situation where I had to quickly make a serious decision while keeping a cool head. Less

What's the starting pay for ess 1

Communities & Local Government

Tell me when you done something diffcult?

1 Answers

Gave them an example using star technqiue

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