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Do you have data from Thomson Reuters Do you have secret database of contact of Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg Law Do you have any clients that feel like they wanna abandon Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Capital SP, and Factset, we offer cheaper options coz we got the source

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I have..please hire me..I have all of that, I can make ur company f''' successfull

This does not resemble at all the interview process I had. I was asked about my experience in helping customers and my understanding of 3rd party risk. I was asked a lot about my personality as culture was clearly important for the CEO. I am not sure why someone would post the note above. Didn't reflect what I saw at all.

I ditto the comment above about the unethical practices, bias and favouritism in this company. Just because you are having a pleasant experience with this company doesn't mean everyone else would be sharing the same sentiment with you. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion! I have been in this company for more than one year and my observation tells me that the situation is getting worse but not better!

Social and economy related topics

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What would i like to bring to the team as a new idea.

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What do you know about us?

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What ideas and ways I could help maximise their media exposure and profits - basically the same as what the previous poster said. All the stuff you can give to benefit them.

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How would I market and sell their products, asked for ideas and ways of execution....As the previous person said - anything they can get out of you that can benefit them.

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Do you know about the toy requirements?

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what do you think about china market

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And my previous job why I left

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If your development manager does not deliver projects and does nothing , what to do?

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