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Partner/Delivery was asked...8 July 2016

Where do you live?

2 Answers


If in one of the locations they are currently serving then you are a possible fit, pending a background check. Less

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions

How good are you in excel?

1 Answers

I can manage to work on excel and can learn.

John Lewis & Partners

Discuss a situation in which you had to act quickly to resolve a problem.

1 Answers

I discussed a problem I had working within a customer service role where I dealt with difficult customers every day. Discussed the use of transferrable skills from other roles and the importance of communication skills. Less


Do you have a new car?

1 Answers



WHo are the leaders in this org? (I was already working there)

1 Answers

Honestly, and gave positive ways I worked with them.

Amazon Flex

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

How long have you been driving

Amazon Flex

uk licence

1 Answers

I have full UK driving licence

Sigma Computing

Pretty standard questions about my professional experience with some focus on working with services partners.

1 Answers

Wow, sounds remarkably similar to my experience interviewing for the same role. It all comes down to one VP. Less


My management style for overseeing large teams.

1 Answers

I have managed teams of up to 100 so answering was easy, I could prove my experience in this, so I took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions about the position and financial structure as a 3rd party business "partner", which the 3 interviews couldn't really answer. The entire process is set up in a way that you'll feel like you've been chosen to be in a selective club if offered a contract, but my advice would be to get as much information as possible before deciding if you want to take on being the legal and financial risk of having 50-100 employees for the privilege of having a sole behemoth client, but they payoff is you can't grow your business the way you want. Less


How had I lived one of the CSC Corporate values

1 Answers

Provided an answer which was in line with the CLEAR values - see website

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