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Chef Koochooloo
Bilingual Spanish/English Content Developer was asked...5 April 2022

Before she set up the phone screen, the "founder" had me do a task to create a lesson plan in just one day.

2 Answers

I did most of the lesson plan which I stressed I couldn't do in time before our screen. However, she didn't even call me for the screen. Scam to just get free work from lesson planners. Less

Please note that we have not used your lesson in our app, our app is public facing and you can go and check it out. You applied for a Content Management role, but since your writing sample was full of spelling and grammar mistakes, we did not think this was a good fit, We do not ask for free work, but a writing test when entering our company. We wish you the best in your job search. Less


Maths related questions ranging from formula to shortcuts to theorems

2 Answers

As per my depth in the subject

I am chemistry student and sitting for placement, only chemistry question they ask? Less

Course Hero

Do you have experience in teaching?

2 Answers

I answered it in a way that I can relate my work experience, as a supervisor, where I taught my subordinates on how to do things in our work. Less

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Course Hero Content Developer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Less


What do you like about the content we are creating here at Facebook?

2 Answers

I like what I'm seeing, and I think there are a few things that can be improved.

Hello, I am a FB employee and I have created an interview prep guide for Facebook interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Facebook. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck! Less


We don't really have any questions for you, is there anything more you'd like to ask us? (at panel interview)

2 Answers

You go in thinking that you are applying for one position but really there is only one position.....INSURANCE SALESMAN!!!!...You go in a room with about 12 people....It's a SALES PITCH!!!! Not An Interview!!!!! Aflac is a good company....BUT.....They need to be honest and say that it's really NOT an interview. Less

questions regarding what they would expect me to have accomplished at both the six month and nine month marks, preferred development process, etc. Less


Explain SAAS and the "cloud" to me.

2 Answers

SAAS - Software as a service. Hosted online software that can be used on-demand. Cloud - cluster of compute nodes running virtual machine software than can scale up and down as needed. Less

There were more questions, but those are important things to know that could easily be taken for granted. :-) Less

Golden Sun Technology

How good am I in handling multiple tasks at a time when, I was given a dead line?

1 Answers

My experience have made to tackle every pressured situation to result the best.

MediSys Edutech

How would you manage the content development requirements?

1 Answers

I was nervous.. I replied that I have a keep interest and I keep updating my knowledge. I believe they need people due to high employee turnover so they hire everyone cause they are nothing paying anyone due to cash crunch. Less

V&V Supremo Foods

Are you good at doing what you're told?

1 Answers

At first I thought this was a question about doing what is right versus what i am told to do, turns out the company likes the kind of environment where people just do what they are told. This might be the hardest question. Less

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