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J.L. Richards & Associates
Civil Engineer, EIT was asked...6 March 2018

What do you enjoying doing outside of work.

2 Answers

Hello how long did it take to get response form their HR?

They needed prompting. Was told to wait 2 weeks or reach out if I havent heard anything. I waited 3 weeks before reaching out. Less

Civil EIT was asked...22 January 2018

What is my GPA?

1 Answers

My GPA was relatively low but I had experience to back me up so it is not a deal breaker if you impress them with other knowledge and a reason of why it is the number it is. Less


How my research applies to design of wastewater treatment systems.

1 Answers

summarizing the conclusions of my research


Tell me why you are interested in this position

1 Answers

To upgrade and enhance my knowledge and experience to achieve career goals.


What was one thing you would have done differently in your college career

1 Answers

I joined many student organizations and was very active. However If I went back and redid college, I would have joined 2 at most to focus most of my time and energy and held higher leadership positions within. Less


Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answers


Myers Engineering
Civil EIT was asked...5 November 2018

Questions pertained to experience and expertise.

1 Answers

Honestly. Elaborated on my previous experience and motivation to excel in my field. Less

City of Toronto

based on the scenario given. How electronic submission will improve customer service?

1 Answers

I wrote the advantages and disadvantages based on ideas. If you were to write this test I recommend you do references and provide real examples. Less

Associated Engineering
Civil EIT was asked...2 February 2022

"Are there even opportunities for the people graduating from your engineering school?"

1 Answers

I felt insulted and wanted to leave the call. If you ask a question like this, I wouldn't want to work for you anyways! Less

Maul Foster & Alongi

Why are you better than every other candidate.

1 Answers

I didn't answer it well. I don't know the other candidates, and quite honestly I'm probably not better than everyone else, but I would have been really good in the role they needed! Less

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