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Business Development Representative was asked...19 April 2019

Would you rather be on the left side of this money model or the right side?

4 Answers

I answered it how he was guiding me to answer it - but really I just want a legitimate job where I don't have to scheme people into making my money. You can have a real career without doing that. Less

You just passed up a great business opportunity and for some reason failed to understand that the SEC and state insurance departments do not license pyramid schemes! Less

And you do understand that legitimate jobs don't present themselves as one position and then give you a sales pitch for an hour only to say that your job is to do the exact same thing to other people? I was given the bait and switch, plain and simple. It was completely misrepresented, that's the point. Sorry I'm looking to build a career in a legitimate business instead of just convincing other people to pay money to sign up and recruit others to do the same. Less

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Why are you into sales?

3 Answers

Because its so "exhilarating to me"

Had someone similar to this, He told me how I’d be a better fit for a different company, why call me at all for the interview? Pretty sure I had the same “manager” named Evan. He said he didn’t know what the company did. Glad I never heard back from that uneducated idiot. Less

LOL “ethan” better get his stuff straight if he doesnt know what his company does Less


and other basic hr questions

3 Answers

same day

How do they took to declare the results ?

How long does it took to declare the results ?


What was the last argument that you and your wife had and who won it?

2 Answers

The interviewer wants to know if you lose control, and how you handle situations when you're angry. They want to hear that you do not lose control. That you can step back, take a deep breath, thoughtfully think through the situation and not let your emotions get the better of you. Less

I would just reply to them - i would be glad to answer this if you would tell me about what you do in bed with your wife....since we are all getting chummy and intimate here Less


I was asked about my level of comfort with cold calling, closing ratios, and having sales goals.

2 Answers

I am experienced with all of the above and feel comfortable with having that expectation. Less

All of this is 2nd nature to me like breathing!


Why I moved to Rome, previous work experience, salaries, and contract expectations.

2 Answers

I answered open and spontaneous, it was a relaxed conversation to see if you are verbal strong and extravert. Less

Did you end up getting it and would you recommend having an initial chat with them (given some of the very poor reviews)? Less


You meet the CEO of a medium sized manufacturing company in the elevator and he askes you about Hubspot. In 10 words or less, how do you describe Hubspot in a way that will make him want more information about the service.

2 Answers

The CEO only cares about the bottom line, so focus on increased sales.

I was just wondering if you had to take the aptitude test? If so, how difficult is it? Less


Solve for the next 3 numbers in the sequence 5, 5, 93, 12, 46, 2, , , ,

2 Answers

You reached out to me for a high level sales position. Why did I waste time answering "spreadsheet" questions. And no, you don't hire the top 1%. Total BS. Less

I am applying to a remote sales job - why did I just answer hundreds of complex mathematical questions? Less


Q: Why do you want to work at salesforce?

2 Answers

I have a more ideas !!.

And I'm very interested for this job.

Ematic Solutions

How can you improve the sales process for Ematics ?

2 Answers

Sell based on customers needs. Listen & act on data driven by clients and their needs and wants. This creates a perspective of “we only sell what customer needs” Breaking company missions into specific goals such as activities, tasks and more by monitoring the progress along the way can increase in sales. Less

Along that work on basics such as company’s weakness, and testing related results with time spent on improving weaknesses into strengths. Less

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