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Instead of a formal interview setting it was just an 'open day', with representative from various department coming to share their daily work. however at the end there is a 'mock interview' and those who have demonstrated thorough interest and financial knowledge, as well as decent behavior though out the day may be contacted afterwards.

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I did not do well enough, but those who did get a response is not as brilliant as those in normal recruitment process, yet they are virtuous people. you can say the 'interview' is hard because you either fit or not, there is less focus on aspects you can prepare.

What is m&a? What is stock? Do you know how to attract customer for product?

1) What would you do if you find out the client's documents are not comply with compliance. 2) How do you handle the situation if 2 bankers contact you at the same time for urgent work. 3) What do you do if your work is overloaded.

Why are you interested in SCB and Private Banking?

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