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Content Editor was asked...7 November 2013

'So are you able to start writing right away?"

9 Answers


Of course I am...Do you have an assignment for me?

i am willing to start immediate.

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Cactus Communications

Questions in editing scientific documents.

7 Answers

:( Totally speechless.

Well... sorry cactus. That's not what it said. I think you just reworded it for your own convenience. Less

Best wishes!

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Solitaire Group

Would you be able to work today?

5 Answers


yes, i,m ready

same day interview and job ofer and contract doesnt come yet,no had sence

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Cactus Communications

They kept asking me if I'm planning for a baby.

6 Answers

I am not sure if the questions posed were for the benefit of the organization but it truly helped me understand the unprofessionalism in there. what do you mean by stability? do you expect people to retire from Cactus once they join? what is the longest time you expect an employee to stick to the same company? i dont think it is is either in benefit of the company or that of the employee to stick on forever. I believe that asking such questions was not done on purpose, but because of a lack of training and awareness Nevertheless, thanks for letting us all know about the organisation right on day one. Less

Thank you for your reply, Global Talent Acquisition, Cactus Communications. Nevertheless, it is still disappointing to have lost a great opportunity to work with Cactus Communications, due to some silly, baseless "apprehensions". I would have taken it positively had I not cleared the technical tests, and worked towards it. But the reason given to me is not justifiable at all. Less

I had to say no because I didn't want to falter in anyway and lose this great opportunity. Had I known they were so unprofessional, I wouldn't have answered this question. Secondly, if they can ask me such sensitive questions, why didn't they clear their doubt if I will work there for long term or get bored eventually. Less

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Condé Nast

What will you do if you get offered an amazing opportunity elsewhere that pays more once you have started here?

5 Answers

I would return the question, what would you do if after hiring me you found an amazing candidate that would work twice like me and ask for half as much? Less

There's monetary income and there's psychological income. Very often, the first will satisfy on the short term, but the second carries on for the long term. A good working environment, an exciting and intellectually stimulating job, and a package of good benefits go a long way in making an employee happy. Less

There are many factors to be considered before deciding to move to another workplace, once I have started working at a specific company. They include, but are not limited to employee treatment, company's short term and long term goals, company's social o community policies, opportunities for employees' growth and job stability. A temporary or apparent advantageous opportunity elsewhere might not seem so brilliant if we analyse of these factors. So, I would stay with the company that provides the best working environment, fair compensation and opportunities to grow, as well as a philosophical approach to society as a whole and the community around it that is beneficial and positive. Less

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Iyuno-SDI Group
Editor was asked...26 March 2016

Why do you like the football team you like?

4 Answers

They have an ambition to be better regardless of how most people jeer them because they got cash influx from a rich owner. Less

It's the same in I-Yuno Philippines. The Korean is great but the Filipino coordinator who now interviews applicant has no ethics and keeps on boasting her experiences in the competitor company. Less

Worst attitude of project coordinator in the Philippines! The staff will suffer if she will be the boss. Less

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Did I have a current Girlfriend.

4 Answers

No I was single and wanted to remain single.

Is that even legal to ask?

I am a female and straight so no.

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Have you done finishing work? Are you comfortable working within a group?

4 Answers

Yes. and Yes.

I leave finishing work to finishing workers. I am the creative initiator. I do "big picture" as in: Avatar, The Matrix, Star Wars (of which I am the "biological father"), E.T. ( that's my name on Elliot's doodles that his teacher shows the camera just before the frog release), Gladiator, The Republican, Inception, Interstellar, Gravity, Gattaca, 300, Pirates of the Caribbean (first 3), Lord of the Rings (I gave them three endings and they used them all), Passion of the Christ ("But we're JEWS! They objected. I told them, "then you will be unbiased and even-handed"), Eyes on the Prize (I got Julian Bond to narrate & suggested that there "just might be" extra footage at those TV stations), Something About Mary, Django Unchained, A Beautiful Mind, Good Will Hunting, Inglorious Basterds, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, Wag the Dog, V for Vendetta (I wrote the speeches for both V and the Chancellor character), The Revenant, No Country for Old Men, Mystic River, Mystic Pizza, see? I've worked on or contributed the entire story to 13 Best Picture Oscars, and 45 nominations. Less


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Are you comfortable editing Porn

4 Answers


I am interested to edit porn videos

I am interested to edit porn videos

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