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American Realty Advisors
Asset Management Analyst was asked...24 July 2017

They asked me what are you looking for and why do I like real estate.

3 Answers

I was genuinely excited about the possibility of working for this company, that it until I read the reviews on Glassdoor and went through the interview process. I received an email on a Wednesday about the availability for a phone interview on Thursday. My assumption, as would have been of a rational thinking person, was it would happen the next day. I prepared vigorously the day before and nothing. Phone didn't ring. Hiring manager did not clarify it would take place the Thursday of the following week. Fair enough, he rescheduled for Wednesday at 5pm. To me this time seemed a bit awkward. As if it was not an important part of his day. I opened with great enthusiasm during the call. But about 20 seconds into it I found my mood changing. Pleasantries it seems are not part of their normal course of business. I would characterize their disposition in the same light as talking heads on cable news. They went through the work history asking normal questions. It was when they asked me in a callous tone why I had applied to two positions I am qualified for that I found myself giving my phone the middle finger. How dare I do so! Without giving a second thought of the reason for the question they followed up asking why I like real estate. With 11 years of experience it's like generically asking someone why they like to eat. The interview, reviews, and bios of the top management reinforced my sentiment of the company. It's a great place to learn if you can put up with big egos, talking heads, and the temperament of prep school keg boys that turned to commercial real estate investing. If you are someone that is looking for an environment that is sensitive to diversity I would read their bios and stay away. I've been following careers at this company for two years and it's revealing how the same positions become available every six months. Less

I dont believe this sentiment to be true in the slightest regard. First off, a quick walk through our office will show our diversity. 2nd, we are growing and the constant hire is a positive thing. I see no reason asking for clarity as to why somebody would apply to two separate positions. A simple clarification on your end that you only intended to work with Acquisitions would've sufficed. Less

Hahaha the rebuttal only supports the initial poster's review.

RHP Properties

Do you have Microsoft Excel background? How are your skills in Excel

3 Answers

I do! I have almost 1o years of Excel experience

I have some

I have some

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Tell me about a current event that interests you and why?

1 Answers

This was asked by HR, and was simple since the other reviews here prepared me for it. Make sure you are ready for it. Less

Virginia State University

What is the certification that a disposal vendor should have?

1 Answers

R2 Certification

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Tell me about a time you failed.

1 Answers

Show them how you learned from your mistakes so they are not repeatable.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why Asset Management?

1 Answers

Have a thoughtful answer that makes you personable

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What stock/sector has your attention currently?

1 Answers

Be up to date!

Zolon Tech

What hours do you prefer to work?

1 Answers


Goldman Sachs

Why should you use equity swaps instead of standard short (when going short)?

1 Answers

usually less bps of expenses

Credit Suisse

What do you imagine this role entails

1 Answers


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