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Administrative Assistant was asked...25 June 2013

Every man in a village of 100 married couples has cheated on his wife. Every wife in the village instantly knows when a man other than her husband has cheated, but does not know when her own husband has. The village has a law that does not allow for adultery. Any wife who can prove that her husband is unfaithful must kill him that very day. The women of the village would never disobey this law. One day, the queen of the village visits and announces that at least one husband has been unfaithful. What happens?

46 Answers

The answer is nothing because not one wife knows exactly when her husband cheated. The law is to kill him that very day. This is impossible if the wife cannot prove it was that same day. Less

Before the Queen made her announcement: • All the wives know of exactly 99 cheats because we know that all men cheat and no wife knows when her husband cheats or with whom. • No woman is admitting to cheating, after all there could be 99 virtuous women and 1 very busy woman, so there is no proof that anybody did it with anybody else. So nobody gets killed, but the village is probably not a happy place. After the Queen made her announcement: • The Queen only knows there is at least one cheater because she slept with him; if she had slept with two she would have said “At least two…”. Let us assume that the Queen says what she knows and only what she knows. • The Queen is the first woman to have made an admission, this changes everything. • Ninety-nine wives will already know that one of the men who is not their husband slept with the Queen; to the one remaining wife, this will be news and she will know immediately that it was her husband that slept with the Queen. She kills him that day. We happen to know that every man in the village cheated but if less than every man in the village cheated then the situation would have been: • One group of the women will state a particular number of cheats (n) some will state that number minus one (n-1). • The (n) group are lucky, they know they have faithful husbands. • Every wife in the (n-1) group knows they have been cheated but do not know with whom and cannot prove it. • No woman is admitting to cheating, after all there could be 99 virtuous women and 1 very busy woman, so there is no proof that anybody did it with anybody else. So nobody gets killed. Less

The question usually includes something to the effect of "The women don't talk to each about the number of cheaters" otherwise the solution is pretty trivial. They tell each other how many cheaters they count and when everyone says 99 they know that every man is a cheater and all the men die. So, assuming they can't talk to each other. Each woman sees 99 cheaters. She doesn't know if there are 99 cheaters and her husband doesn't cheat, or if there are a 100 cheaters. At this point it's worth while to take a step back and think about this question recursively and from the opposite situation. 1 Cheater: The wife of the cheater sees no cheaters. Therefore her husband must be the 1 (and only cheater). She kills him on the day of the announcement (Day 0). All of the other women saw 1 cheater die and now they see none. 2 Cheaters: The wives of the cheater see 1 cheater. Everyone else sees 2 cheaters. The wives who see 1 cheater aren't sure if they are in the previous situation (only 1 cheater and it's not their husband) or this situation (there are 2 cheaters, 1 of whom is their husband). So they wait 1 day. When 1 day passes and no one is killed, the women who see 1 cheater know that they cannot be in the previous situation, because all the women absolutely follow the rules. Therefore 1 day after the announcement (Day 1) the two women who saw only 1 cheater kill their husbands 3 Cheaters: The wives of the cheaters see 2 cheaters. The other wives see 3 cheaters. The wives who see 2 cheaters don't know if they are in the previous situation or this situation. But if on Day 1 nobody dies then they know that none of the women saw only 1 cheater so they have to be in a situation of 3 cheaters and so the 3 of them kill their husband on Day 2. The general case is for N cheaters on Day N-1 (if you count the day of the announcement as Day 0... you could be thinking of calling it day 1 but let's be real you're interviewing at google so you 0 index everything) all the cheaters die. Applying that to the original question, on day 99 all the men die. QED Less

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How many hours would you ideally want to work?

28 Answers

I like to work for 8hours a day also I will do overtime If my work is not completed. Less

depending on my work .

6 hours without a lunch break. Human beings can be very productive for reasonable amounts of time. Leaving out a lunch break would allow people to concentrate and give their best work for those 6 hours. Outside of this, those hours are wasted by non-productive tasks. Less

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What are you looking for?

14 Answers

I said I was looking for something I could stick with for a good long while and have a clear career path to travel. Less

i want help my girlfriend just broke up with me i need urgent love spell from a real spell caster Less

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Mercedes-Benz Group

Elaborate on past work experience

9 Answers

I am able to learn tasks quickly and proficient in growing key customer relationships represent with friendly, professional demeanor at all times Less

I am trustworthy, ethical and discreet while committed to superior service and work independently as part of tre with confidence in decision making always committed to excellence. Less

Delivery fast, fries and knowledgeable services for routine questions and serviced complaints Less

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Morgan Lewis

Tell me about yourself.

9 Answers

70k is still a lot of money for entry level

Iam a hardworking individual who is focused and self motivated. I find it is easy to work with others-be it at work or in sport. I am proactive in my personal development. Less

My strength is my flexibility to handle change. I'm quick learner and I'm adaptable to work in any environment I consider myself as a focused person Less

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Ocean Front Events

Instead of being EAGER to learn, wouldn't you rather be EXCITED to learn?

8 Answers

I'm pretty confident those two words share the same intent...

Of course things are based on a script! You obviously do not have any sense of training in much of anything!! Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Customer Service, etc..... they are all based and founded from a script. The company is most likely so much better off not having hired any of you negative nasty hostile people. I do not work for this company, but I am a member of event location. And I appreciate what they do for the public. You need to get a script on "How to become a better person of society!!" Less

You will be standing for hours in a SAMs Club selling product no one wants for minimum wage. Who is glad they do not work for this company any more. This person. Wish I would have listened to the reviews and never even went for the interview. The reason for this site is to get the word out to people about the company they are going to work for. So you will have negative responses . I am finding all the good reviews surprising since this company cannot keep anyone around. The turnover rate is so high that the owner has to try to keep the rating of the reviews high so people will even go to the interview. The place is a joke. Do not waste your time people. Less

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British Council

When can you start working with us?

7 Answers


Next Month

I can start working next month

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Do you prefer desk job or outstation?

7 Answers

Both would be better


Desk job

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Razorfish Health

What is your age, sex, and location?

7 Answers

I'm about 99.9% sure this is a scam. Razorfish Health was once owned my Microsoft and was sold to the French company Publicis in 2009 for $530M +3% stake in Publicis. I'm sure their HR dept. does NOT do interviews on Google Hangouts using gmail email addresses. I am stringing these people along to get as much info as possible that I wlll eventually forward to the pertinent authorities. Hopefully they will send me a (fake) check and the feds can get fingerprints. Less

I was also on the same boat... I rejected the position, but I already gave them some of my details (not SSN or banking number). The overall process felt rushed. They either replied very late (waited for 45 minutes for a reply) or replied very fast when they asked you to answer questions. They often reply with a very long "copy and pasted" text and ignored some of the things i said and asked. I wrote a very long answer and within seconds, they said, "great, you're a perfect fit with the position base from your answers". After telling you you're hired, they rushed the process by telling you what you're suppose to do within the next day without giving you a chance to ask about the company. Overall experience is very suspicious. Less

I had the same interview. I knew the "age" question was inappropriate, but continued anyway. After answering about 10 standard interview questions, I was told to hold on while the "lead" desk checked my info against the resume' they had on file. (I did not divulge any info other than name, address, age & sex). The interviewer returned and said I was hired and that I was to log onto the "Google Hangout" by 8am this morning for further instructions. I pointed out that I thought this was all rather sketchy (No paperwork - W4's, insurance app's, etc.) and the interviewer assured me that I would be contacted via telephone to set up a personal meeting with her "superiors" and that all pertinent paperwork would be handled in person. I will continue this until such time that they ask for info (SSN, bank info, etc.) that I'm not willing to give online. I will return here to post the results of my further interactions. Less

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Government of Kenya

How can you be an asset to this company

6 Answers

I have a passion in customer service. This will mean am fully committed in ensuring a friendlier environment to all clients both internal and external thus realising maximum profits for any organization. Less

Through active involvement in all areas that are fulcrum to the company competitive sphere. Less

I have a passion for organizing and planning and possess a combination of skills and experience that I will use to deliver quality administrative support to the team Less

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