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Post University
Adjunct Faculty was asked...27 July 2015

What is your educational philosophy?

4 Answers

I'm sorry the instructor declined teaching over the issue of training. Most universities, Post included, want to have a consistent message in the classroom both in terms on content and in terms of the type and level of student engagement that best reflects the institution. At Post, instructors engage with the students a lot and are regular users of the LMS. The training is intended to help establish what Post feels is important in the classes, not the "one-sey, two-sey, Peter-Rabbit" approach to doing on-line teaching. It's more of an investment in understanding the University's approach. Sorry he (or she) felt that way. The training, by the way is only two weeks and is taught asynchronously to accommodate potential instructor's schedules. Less

At least you could pay for training. Many for-profits do.

I agree with the original poster, unpaid training from a for-profit is unacceptable. The pay rate is sub-par as it is, but that is the life of an adjunct. The training didn't help at all either, they never addressed the required follow up with academic services or how to use the grade book. There is room for a lot of improvement. Less

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Stratford University

Describe your teaching style.

2 Answers

My teaching style is similar to the tea, "Constant Comment." I teach online and I enter the classroom every day. I respond to each student's initial post and often respond to their answer to me. It is my experience that students appreciate the attention and work harder for me than they do other instructors. Less

There is no easy answer for this, but the way you answer will help determine if you are a good fit for the types of students they have and a good fit for the campus. Less

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Examples of type of teaching i prefer to use

2 Answers

Lecture, Socratic seminar, project-based collaboration

Collaborative, experential

Grand Canyon University

How will you keep your students engaged.

2 Answers

Group students. Breaking the class up in groups increases the likelihood that everyone will contribute to class discussion and problem solving. Poll your students about their working preference, or experiment with breaking them up in different ways. Divide the students in half, place them in small teams of three or four, or divvy them up in pairs. Less

How were you misinformed about the pay? The salary is in the description and they ask you your requirements. Did they pay you less and did you get offered a different job than the one you applied for? Less

Diablo Valley College

How would you ensure that all students are given the opportunity to succeed?

2 Answers

Providing clear expectations at the outset of each course through a detailed syllabus and verbal instruction on the first day of class. Follow this up with regular monitoring and checking in with students both in person and via other forms of communication (i.e. email, on-line learning management system). Provide multiple ways of adult learning. Less

Have interviewed a number of times at DVC. Do not bother applying for faculty positions unless you attended DVC. They pretty much told me as much. Also, faculty seem very insecure so they will hire accordingly. Very cloistered and uninterested in life outside DVC. Less

The Art Institutes

"Is the pay rate typical for the area?"

1 Answers

At the time, I saw this as two things: a resuming building position only (i.e. not a long-term position as there is little to no room for advancement) and odd. Management should know whether or not the rate is typical (theirs is the lowest). Also, the rate isn't negotiable so your answer is irrelevant. Less

Brown Mackie College

Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

I have worked in the medical field for over 12 years and I am incredibly excited to come on board with Brown Mackie as I really want to make a difference in the program. Less

SUNY at New Paltz

How will your research specializations be brought into the classroom?

1 Answers

I explained how my pedagogical practices aligned with the areas I would be teaching in. Less

Prairie State College

I was asked about my teaching style.

1 Answers

I essentially said that I believed in student-centered ideology.

Midlands Technical College

How many kids do you have?

1 Answers

I didn't know what to say because it wasn't relevant to the job, but I answered honestly. Less

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