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Account Executives are common in financial services, public relations and advertising industries. The primary role of an account executive is to initiate new client relationships and maintain client relationships for business. Account executives have strong interpersonal, people management and project management skills.

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Top Account Executive Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top Account Executive interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you maintain positive client relations?

How to answer: Interpersonal qualities, positive communication and cognitive empathy are important skills for an account executive. When answering this question, provide an example of a time when you went above and beyond to support a client. Share the positive outcome for the company because of your unique support.

Question No. 2: How do you pitch new products or services to potential new clients to acquire new clients?

How to answer: In addition to interpersonal and communication skills, pitching new products or services to new clients requires strong sales skills. Strong sales skills include active-listening, critical-thinking and time-management skills. When asked this question, describe your strengths and present examples from your own experience.

Question No. 3: How do you prioritise tasks to manage goals, projects and clients simultaneously?

How to answer: When an interviewer asks this question, they are looking to find out more about your abilities in project management, time management and task delegation. When responding to this question, share your vision for maintaining a goal-oriented focus when managing projects. Share your strategies for successful project completion within the parameters of challenging deadlines.

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Why sales? What's your motivation? A sale you are proud of


How do you meet the hiring criteria intelligence, coachability, character and experience. (e.g. Tell me about a time you were streetsmart in the personal setting?)


No processo de seleção dizem que você não é selecionado porque não carregou o CV a tempo, mas isso não é verdade, porque o CV já estava no Gupy, as rejeições não são muito claras na hora de selecionar. Erro do Gupy ou do Aevo? Não sei, mas não há humanismo na eleição, tudo se faz com respostas automáticas.


What was your ranking on your team?


what was your challenge from your previouse job


Describe a deal you're most proud of and why, what lessons did you learn, why did you win, etc.


Talk about your current role

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How would you be able to help us grow.


Interview took place awhile ago, can't remember any questions that were asked.

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